10 Drawing Tablet under 50$

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Whether you’re a digital artist, concept artist, or 3D artist, a graphics tablet is always the best option for the best and most efficient work.

If you are a professional artist, you may already be using a graphics tablet; however, for stater artists, the graphics tablet has become extremely expensive.

But don’t worry, because there are several graphics tablets available today that can help you create amazing art for less than $50.

Best Graphics Tablet under 50 USD


The HUION H420 is one of the cheapest graphics tablets on the market, and it’s amazing for its price. It’s also compatible with all major art software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Comic Studio, SAI, Paint tool Sai, and other major graphics applications.
This tablet has 3 configurable buttons that you can assign to any functionality and you can do pretty much all the things that a graphics tablet can do, like drawing, photo manipulation, video editing.
However, keep in mind that it is a small graphics tablet, so don’t expect amazing performance, but it is an excellent first tablet for beginning artists.

HUION Inspiroy H640P

The HUION Inspiroy H640P is ideal for those looking for a more dependable graphics tablet at a low price.
This HUION Inspiroy H640P has everything a good graphics tablet should have, including four customizable express keys on the tablet and two buttons on the pen. You can save your favorite keyboard shortcuts, such as Pan/Scroll, Undo, Eraser, and so on.
The PW100 has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, a pen resolution of 5080LPI, and virtually no lag, giving you ultimate precision and control. It is also battery-free, so there is no need to charge it.
The pen side buttons allow you to quickly switch between pen and eraser. It includes an additional 8 pen nibs in the pen holder.

Digital OSU Large Digital Graphic Tablet

The A5 Digital Graphic Tablet is an excellent tablet for digital art and photo manipulation because it includes everything you need.
The drawing tablet includes 12 convenient shortcut keys for controlling the pen’s various functions, which you can also customize.
It is also compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Chrome, and Mac OS 10.10, but not Linux.
One of the best aspects of this tablet is that it is a large (10″ x 6″) tablet with plenty of room for you to express yourself. The tilt detection function allows you to hold the stylus at up to a 45° angle without affecting performance, providing maximum comfort.

VEIKK A30 Graphic Pen Tablet

The VEIKK A30 is the most attractive tablet under $50. It has some of the most unique features, such as a Gesture TouchPad and four customizable Hot Keys.
You’ll also have plenty of room to work on your art with the 10X6 Inch Large Drawing Area.
This tablet is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, and it works with almost all drawing software, including Photoshop, SAI, AI, Autodesk SketchBook, Zbrush, Krita, Maya, and others.

UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet

Graphics Drawing Tablet M708 UGEE 10 x 6 inch Large Active Area Drawing Tablet with 8 Hot Keys, 8192 Levels Pen, with papery texture surface, gives enormous and smooth drawing for your digital artwork production and delivers no-lag sketch painting experiences for Paint Digital Art Creation.
This digital drawing tablet has a 10″ * 6″ active area with a smooth paper-like texture surface, providing you with not only enough working space but also a fantastic paper-like sketching experience.
The graphic art tablet includes 8 programmable press keys on the left side of the tablet, which you can configure to your liking. With a high resolution of 5080LPI, a report rate of 266RPS, and a pen pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels, this pen provides an outstanding drawing experience with no delay or chopping.


The VEIKK A15 graphics drawing tablet has a 10 by 6-inch active drawing space with a papery texture surface, which allows for large and smooth sketching for your digital artwork production.
The 8192 level of pressure sensitivity allows you to create lines and brushes of any weight using the pen’s pressure, making drawing more natural and precise.
By default, the hotkeys are configured to 12 functions based on Photoshop software shortcuts, but you can still adjust them based on your VEIKK driver user behavior.
The VEIKK A15 animation tablet is compatible with a wide range of drawing software, including Adobe Photoshop, SAI, AI, Autodesk SketchBook, Krita, Gimp, Zbrush, Maya, and others.

‎Acepen AP 906

The AP906 is slim and light enough to carry about, and the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 266 RPS report rate are cutting-edge drawing tablet technology that makes lines smoother and more fluent.
Acepen gives you with eight customisable shortcut keys to eliminate the need for a mouse and keyboard. The AP906 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and later, Windows 10/8/7, and Android 6.0 and later.
It also works with the majority of drawing programmes, including Photoshop, Microsoft Office, SAI, SketchBook, ZBrush, Krita, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, Corel Painter, Gimp, and others.

HUION Inspiroy H580X

H580X is an excellent choice for practically all artists, and it is also useful for educational purposes. H580X is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and ChromeOS. It also integrates smoothly with popular graphic and design software, giving you greater freedom and flexibility.
And it’s a medium-sized tablet with an 8×5-inch working space, making it suitable for folks who don’t want something too big or too little.


HUION HS64 is a 6.34-inch tablet that gives the user the most comfortable size to work with and no lag; create as many lines and projects as you can think of, bringing users more effciency.
It is also compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, Clip Studio, Zbrush, Krita, Gimp, and other software, and it runs on Windows, macOS, Android, and ChromeOS.
With a resolution of 5080LPI, it makes every stroke more fluent; its pressure sensitivity is four times greater than other identical devices on the market today.

UGEE M708 V2

M708 UGEE 10 x 6 inch Large Active Area Drawing Tablet with 8 Hot Keys, 8192 Levels Pen, with papery texture surface, gives enormous and smooth drawing for your digital artwork production and provides no-lag sketch painting experience for Paint Digital Art Creation.

This digital sketching tablet features a big active surface of 10 inches X 6 inches, giving you plenty of room to work. The ultra-light panel features a compact shape and great craftsmanship, making it ideal for paper drawing.

With 8192 pressure sensitivity levels Your strength determines the thickness of the line, and the detail description is more exact, with no delays or broken lines.

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