3 Easy Ways to Remove Background in Gimp

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As you all know gimp is the best free image editor for people who don’t have money to buy expensive software like photoshop, affinity photo but as you all know gimp can do almost all the work that you can do in photoshop or any other expensive software and recently gimp got a lot more feature that can help you to create or edit photos more efficiently.

But in this article, I am gonna talk about Easy Ways to Remove Background in Gimp, easy I mean really easy.

Remove Background in Gimp

Foreground Select Tool


 If you are enough familiar with gimp then you should definitely know what is foreground select tool is and what the foreground select tool can do.

The foreground select tool is known for selecting the foreground as its name suggests and not only the foreground select tool is also known for being the easiest tool for selecting the foreground.

Step 1) Select foreground select tool by clicking on the tool icon in the Toolbox,

Step 2)Roughly select the object you want to cut out. When you select this tool, the mouse pointer goes with the lasso icon. It truly works like the Free Select tool but in a more advanced way. Select as small as possible from the background.

Step3) Press Enter to generate the mask:

Step 4) The mouse arrow goes now with the Paintbrush icon. The colored area is for the background. The light color area covers the zone you have selected, on which you will paint to extract the foreground.


Step 5) Draw a line in the Object/foreground: using the default selected paintbrush, brush size can be adjusted in Tools options, draw a constant line in the selected foreground/Object going over colors that will be held for the extraction. Be cautious not to paint background pixels.

Step 6) Press Enter again to get the result.

 And that’s it. You are almost done. Now you can click the select button and mask your selection.

Contrast Selection

This method is not as easy as the first one but still helps to make good selections, and this method is especially good for selecting heirs.


 If you ever used Photoshop 2020 then you probably know that Photoshop has one feature where you can remove background with a single click. And this gimp plugin also works on similar bases, you just need one click to remove any background.


Download https://github.com/manu12121999/RemoveBG-GIMP


  1. Install python
  2. Install requests with pip install requests
  3. Put the remove_background.py file in your plugins- directory:

C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins


  1. Filters -> remove background
  2. insert your RemoveBG API Key, which you can get from https://www.remove.bg/api
3 Easy Ways to Remove Background in Gimp