5 Tips to Improve Your Photo Manipulation Skills

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Photo manipulation is one of those skills that allow you to create new art or improve on existing art, or you can make great art from an uninteresting photo, and mastering it is a challenging task. 

You must have a lot of practice and experience, and we will help you become better by offering 5 Tips to Improve Your Photo Manipulation Skills in this article.

Tips For Photo Manipulation Skills


Create Your Idea First

Creating your idea first for your image composition is one of the most important tips for any beginner artist as well as an artist. 

Creating Your Idea First is important because when you choose your image you will already have an idea of what image to choose for your image manipulation.                

Use Stock Image

This tip is already being used by expert artists and usually, Stock Images have great resolution and because they have great resolution, image manipulation becomes much easier and better. 

Match the Perspective of your Images

Understand that not every image is going to match with any image. For some images, if the perspective didn’t match how you wanted, then you might have to use some creative trick to match the perspective of your image like you can combine many images to get your desired perspective or use warp transform or perspective transform to change the overall image to get what you want.

Match Shadows and Highlights of Your Image

If the shadows and highlights of your subject do not match the environment, your photo manipulation will not look good. Sometimes a photo will match without much work, but most of the time you will need to adjust and change contrast and brightness to match your image’s shadows and highlights. In some rare instances, you may need to manually match your image’s shadows and highlights by painting shadows and highlights to make it look more epic and realistic.

Don’t Follow Any Strict way to Do Something

Every artist approaches effects in a unique way. If you’ve ever seen your favorite artist achieve epic effects on their art, you might think that’s the right way to do things, but in the world of photo manipulation, you’ll have many options to achieve a single effect, but that also depends on your software, but for the most part, you’ll have almost the same options whether you’re using photoshop, affinity photo, or gimp.