10 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in GIMP

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While you can use Gimp without the need for shortcuts, shortcuts make Gimp very fast and easy to work with. These shortcuts can be useful for anyone, whether you are a new user or a Photoshop user switching to Gimp. 

I listed these Keyboard Shortcuts based on how useful they are, which means these Keyboard Shortcuts will make your gimp user experience much better.

Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in GIMP

1. Scale

Shift+T is a keyboard shortcut for scaling images, and it allows you to change the perspective and rotation of the image as well.

2. Select none

The keyboard shortcut for deselecting everything in your image is Shift+Ctrl+A.

Sometimes you made the selection, but now you don’t need it, now you can go to the selection menu and choose none to every selection in your canvas, but knowing keyboard shortcuts and using is much more efficient and less time-consuming.

3. Invert selection

Ctrl+I is a keyboard shortcut for inverting your image selection.

When you need to inverse the selection, a keyboard shortcut can assist you to do so considerably faster.

4. Duplicate Layer

The keyboard shortcut for duplicating the layer you selected is Shift+Ctrl+D.

Duplicating the layer before applying the modification is always preferable in destructive software, and keyboard shortcuts can make duplicating the layer considerably faster.

5. Sample the color while using Brush Tool

While using the Paintbrush Tool, hold down Ctrl to sample the color.

6. Increase and decrease the brush size with mouse scroll.

Hold Ctrl+Alt and use the scroll wheel to increase and decrease the brush size with the mouse scroll.

7. Change the aspect ratio of the brush with the scroll wheel.

Use Ctrl+Shift with the scroll wheel to change the aspect ratio of the brush. This can be helpful in many situations, like making shadows.

8. Save Your Gimp Project

Ctrl+S is one of the most important shortcuts for any user, especially since the gimp doesn’t have an autosave feature.

 9. Zoom using the scroll wheel

Ctrl+Scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out. This is a useful shortcut because the scroll wheel makes everything easy and comfortable.

10. Merge visible layers

Ctrl + M is one of the most underutilized yet most useful keyboard shortcuts in Gimp. Because Gimp is a layer-based image manipulation software, we can combine all the layers for whatever purpose we need to with a few easy keyboard shortcuts.