Way To Generate Passive Income as a Beginner Artist/Designer

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What Does Passive Income for Creatives Mean?

You work hard to produce magnificent works of art; what if you could utilize your favorite creations to earn revenue time and time again?

In its most basic form, passive income is money earned with little time and effort. Making work that you’ve previously made and discovering new ways to advertise and sell it is typically what this entails for creatives. Consider it the artist’s version of owning a rental property, with your big investment occurring upfront and your earnings accruing gradually and steadily over time.

Make money by designing merchandise.

You may sell your artwork on websites such as Etsy or Shopify. Consider tote bags, phone covers, notebooks, stickers, clothes, and other items!

Promote your merchandise on your blog, Instagram, or YouTube channel. Use an eCommerce selling plug-in to sell your items on Etsy, Shopify, or through your blog. Print-on-demand goods are available through Printed Mint, which you can create and sell on Etsy and other sites.

Create stock photos and mock-ups

If you are a photographer or even a digital artist, you can capture a variety of stock images to sell online, such as photos of people working, still life photos, and product mockup photos.

You can sell your images on your own website, Etsy, Creative Market, or stock photography services like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock.

Writing an art blog

Indeed, artists are typically more interested in pictures than words. Today, however, anyone may become a writer thanks to internet courses and tutorials. Besides, graphics might be more powerful than words on your site. For example, if you want to teach your readers a specific painting style, the text will just need to accompany the images and describe the movements shown.

So, if you don’t mind writing, here are some suggestions for an art blog:

Tips or tutorials on how to maximize the effectiveness of your master technique

  1. New art equipment reviews
  2. Blog posts on new art forms and trends.
  3. Discussions with local artists
  4. News about new shows and galleries
  5. Tips for Working as a Freelance Illustrator
  6. Make videos of yourself painting and then offer written tips about it.

Platforms you can use to earn passive income revenue


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. It is a platform populated with logo designers, graphic artists, and digital artists who sell their work on Fiverr for a predetermined price based on the criteria and effort.

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace for design elements created by the community. Graphics, WordPress themes, stock photos, and other digital items are available for purchase by web designers. Creative Market offers over a million users and over 250,000 things for sale.