How to Move 3d Cursor in Blender

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There are many ways to move 3d Cursor in Blender, and I am gonna show all the ways to move 3d Cursor in Blender.

There are UI ways and shortcut ways, what you need depends on your situation.

First, we will show you the UI way to move 3d Cursor and then the keyboard shortcut way.



To move the 3d Cursor, use the 3D cursor gizmo tool. You can click to place the 3d Cursor anywhere you want, and you can also drag it to move the 3d Cursor in a blender.

You can also move 3d Cursor with a 3D cursor panel. Press N to open this panel, then go to the view tab to change all of the 3d Cursor’s positions and rotation.

keyboard shortcut

And there is a keyboard shortcut way, which may appear situational, but these situations will emerge more frequently when you do modeling, shading, and animation.


To open this 3D cursor pie menu, press Shift + S. This pie menu contains many ways to move the 3D cursor, the most important of which is.

Cursor to the world origin – This will move 3d Cursor to its default position.

Cursor to Grid – This will move 3d Cursor to the grid

Cursor to selected – This will move 3d Cursor to anything selected, like mesh, curve, and others. 

Cursor to active – This will move 3d Cursor to the active object.