Make Ocean Texture in 2 Nodes in Blender (Ocean/River)

Step 1) Start by opening the blender.

Step 2)  Delete all the objects (A to select all and delete to delete all the objects)

Step 3) Add a plane and scale

Step 4) Go to the shading layout then add new material.

Step 5) Add two new nodes 1st Musgrave texture 2nd Bump (you can also use noise texture in place of Musgrave texture)

Step 6) Connect the Musgrave texture to the height of the bump node, and bump to the normal in principal bsdf.

Step 7) Increase transmission and decrease roughness in principal bsdf

Step 8) Increase scale in Musgrave Texture. 

Now you have completed the river material, and you can place any object into this river material to see how good it looks.

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