Photoshop Layer Effects In GIMP

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If you’ve used Photoshop, you’ve undoubtedly used Layer Effects; it’s used for a variety of purposes including graphics design, thumbnails, and a variety of other visuals.

You may not find the layer effect option in gimp, but it doesn’t mean gimp can’t create such effects, and producing those effects is a lot easier than you think.

There are effects scattered throughout Gimp that will produce the same effect as Photoshop’s layer effects.

We will not be covering all of the effects of the layer, but all the major ones.

Drop Shadow

Step 1: Select the layer you want to apply the drop shadow on.


Step 2: Click drop shadow to apply the effect, and you can also change the effect by adjusting the slider.


Step 1: Open the light and shadow filters, then select “drop shadow.”

Step 2: Change X and Y slider to 0, and blur radius to 0 and increase grow radius to increase the outline.


Outer Glow

Step 1: Open light and shadow filter, then select drop shadow.

Step 2: Set the X and Y sliders to 0, but increase the blur radius to boost the outer glow and increase the growth radius to increase the outer glow.

Use External Filter

Gimp makes use of a very powerful engine known as GEGL, and it can allow others, like as myself or you, to develop effects and filters using this engine. Beaver, one of my friends, is one of the few people that produce Gimp effects and filters. He makes a plethora of amazing filters and effects for Gimp using the GEGL engine, which may benefit you in a variety of ways.

How to install and Use

Copy and paste the filter dll file to gegl-04 folder which you can find in the lib folder.

And to use it, you have to go to the tool menu and click GEGL Operation, then choose the installed filter to use it.

 Neon Effect


This effect will also come in handy for those who create social media posts, YouTube thumbnails, and other fun and cool effects.


Gimp always kind of lacked an efficient way to apply bevel, but not today because here is a bevel filter which is also very easy and useful, but keep in mind that if you have black text color, then it will not seem to work, so always change your text colour to something different than black, and again, great for your thumbnail making process.

GEGL Effects

This is an amazing filter, especially for people who create YouTube thumbnails, because not only can it save you lots of time because it is a one-stop shop for all kinds of effects for your text and images for your thumbnails.