The 8 Best Photogrammetry Software for 3D Scanning and Mapping

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Photogrammetry is the science and technique of measuring things with photos. The photogrammetric procedure is intended to extract precise data from aerial photos.

Photogrammetry is a technique for recording complex 2D and 3D motion fields. It imitates the stereoscopy of binocular human vision and is used to obtain all of the information about existent physical objects.

Indeed, this procedure captures information on the shape, volume, and depth of the topic you’re attempting to scan. This is the process used to convert a series of images into an exact 3D design.



Meshroom is a free and open-source photogrammetric computer vision framework provided by AliceVision. This 3D reconstruction software is simple to use and lets you run the entire photogrammetric procedure. Simply upload your photographs, and the software will automatically build 3D models and textured meshes utilizing a node-based approach. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Colmap is a Structure-from-Motion (SfM) and Multi-View Stereo (MVS) pipeline that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used with either a graphical user interface or a command-line interface. You can select the one that is most convenient for you. You will have access to all of the basic tools required to generate a 3D model from one or more images.


MicMac is open-source photogrammetry software created by the IGN (French National Geographic Institute) and the ENSG (French national school for geographic sciences). Even though it is a free option, MicMac is better suited to advanced or academic users. This software is excellent for environmental projects, cultural heritage imaging and preservation, and forestry. MicMac can handle everything from close-up to aerial shots.

Multi-View Environment


The Multi-View Environment, or MVE, is a full end-to-end pipeline for image-based geometry reconstruction. Structure-from-Motion, Multi-View Stereo, and Surface Reconstruction are all included. Individual pipeline phases are provided as command line apps, however the majority of functionality are also available through our user interface UMVE. Michael Goesele’s research group at TU-Darmstadt is working on the project.

Reality Capture

Reality Capture is a complete photogrammetry solution that is simple to use because to its excellent and user-friendly user interface and provides everything you need for photogrammetry. With its brand new edition, Reality Capture claims to be 10 times faster than any other photogrammetry system. This tool has excellent quality and speed, can calculate meshes and textures, and supports a wide range of file formats. It will enable you to work on geo-referencing, reality scenarios, and orthographic projections with photos and laser scans! While utilising this entire software, you can also work on little sized items.

3DF Zephyr

This software allows you to use photos to recreate a 3D digital representation. Everything is automatic, and you don’t have to intervene because of its efficient reconstruction technology. As we saw in the last part, there is a simple and free version of this software. However, according to on your demands and project, you will be able to choose between three versions of 3DF Zephyr: Lite, Pro, and Aerial. These advanced editions enable you to go further, such as obtaining laser-scanned objects or working more precisely with aerial pictures.

Autodesk ReCap

Autodesk created a free software called 123D Catch a few years ago to assist with the conversion of a photograph into a 3D model. This software is no longer accessible, however, Autodesk still offers several interesting photogrammetry options. Autodesk ReCap (formerly Autodesk ReMake) is a reality capture software made by Autodesk that allows you to generate extremely precise 3D models by capturing reality. 

Advanced photogrammetry capabilities, such as aerial photogrammetry, are available, as is the ability to measure and manipulate point cloud data. You can also use Autodesk ReCap to access a variety of tools, such as cleaning off extraneous items so you can work more directly on a certain object!



iWitnessPRO is a professional photogrammetry software that was designed to be as precise as possible. This software is capable of performing close-range and aerial photogrammetry. You can select the appropriate process based on the geometry of your object. This tool is simple to use, accepts GCPs (Ground Control Points), and generates orthoimages and digital surface models (DSMs).