7 Must Have Free Resources for 3d Artists

We can’t always build things when we need them, so we buy them. However, if you’re a 3d artist, you won’t need to pay anything because we’ve compiled a list of the Best Free Resources for 3d Artists in this post. 

If you find yourself sourcing 3D content for your games and projects, you probably need to know which resources make it easier to find free 3D models out there.

Free Resources for 3D Artists.

1. Poly Haven

Poly Haven is a free Public 3D Asset Library, Not just free, but CC0, meaning you can use them for absolutely any purpose without restrictions. 3D Models to HDRIs and Textures Poly Haven has everything, check out if you want some useful assets for your project.

2. Textures.com

Textures.com is not completely free but it has some of the most amazing textures in the market for free.

Textures.com has high-quality textures but you can not always download those quality textures because you need a SUBSCRIPTION for that.

3. Free 3D

Free 3D is a resource for free 3d models, these models are made for almost every software, so you will have almost no issue using these models in the software of your choice.

Free 3D has some of the most complex 3d models to very low poly models, so it’s also amazing for people who are looking for low poly models.

4. Archive3d

Archive3d is a free resource for simple 3d models such as chairs, tables, Home Appliances, Aircraft & Space, Tools & Devices, and many other things, so if you’re looking for anything similar, go ahead and look around.

5. NASA 3D Resources

NASA 3D Resources is an official 3D Resources from NASA, NASA 3D Resources have 3d models for satellites, space station, rovers, asteroids, rockets, etc.

And not only 3d models but textures also, so if you are interested in this type of 3d model then check out NASA 3D Resources.

6. Blend Swap

Blend Swap is a 3d model resource for blender, so if you are a blender user then you can check out blend swap, some may charge some money but as for most models it’s free.

7. Mixamo

Mixamo is an animation resource where almost all animations are free, and you can also import your own 3d model, rig it, and then apply any animation.

Mixamo also provides you with free premade 3d characters, so if you want an animation for your 3d character or even a 3d character with animation, Mixamo is the place to go.

Ambient CG

Materials are available in up to 8K – sometimes even larger than that. All textures come with PBR maps and tile seamlessly.

Use unclipped HDRI environments with clean horizons to quickly add a fitting and realistic ambience to any scene.

Assets from ambientCG are available under the Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain License and may be used for commercial purposes, even if that means redistributing them as files.