How To Create Rim Light in GIMP

The tutorial I made previously is relevant to this one but this will focus more on easier ways to get a better result.

In this quick article, I will show you a very easy way to create rim light in GIMP, rim light makes the composition look much better and looks ultra-cool.

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How To Create Rim Light in GIMP

1. Select the layer that you want to make the rim light up. You can use alpha to select it or alt+click the layer to make a selection.

2. Reduce the selection to 5 to 10 pixels (depending on how thick you want the rim light to be).

3. Add some feathers to the selection:

4. Invert the selection (Ctrl+I)

5. Then add light by painting the color of the light. You can also sample the color by pressing and holding the CTRL button in the paintbrush tool and don’t worry about color not being restricted to the layer because we will fix this in the next step.

6. To restrict the rim light layer to the subject layer, make a selection on the subject layer with alt+left mouse click, then create a layer mask on the rim light layer, set the layer mask to the selection, and apply the layer mask to the rim light layer.

7. Then, on the rim light layer, add a layer mask to soften the rough edges by painting them black with a very low 1-3 force in the brush and adding some fade to the edges to make them look more natural.