Ways to Create Beautiful Text Outlines In Gimp

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Creating an outline in gimp is not as easy as other software, in photoshop you can create an outline with layer effects and the same for affinity and Krita.

For now, gimp doesn’t have non-destructive editing means no layer effects, but there are a few ways to create an outline, destructively and also non-destructively.


Non – Destructive way is a better way but it is more time-consuming, Destructive way will make your text uneditable but the Non-Destructive way will allow you to edit your text after making your outline.

Step 1: Create a selection of your text, you can alt + left click on your text layer to create the selection or alpha to select to make the same selection.
Step 2: Now grow the selection you made in the previous step and if want to make your outline thicker then grow your selection more.

Step 3: Fill outline color in your selection and also in the new layer.

And these are all the steps to make an outline and if you want to make multiple outlines then you have to do all these steps all over again.


The destructive way is easier and might be better for most people. 

There are two functions inside gimp that can make outline, bot are very easy and important.


Step 1: Open the light and shadow filters, then select “drop shadow.”

Step 2: Change X and Y slider to 0, and blur radius to 0 and increase grow radius to increase the outline.

Gegl Graph

Gegl Graph is a function inside gimp that can help you to apply muliple effect at the same time, so with this feature you can do multiple outline alwell as drop shadow and many other things.

And you can use gegl graph by using commands, and you dont have to understand anything i have provided used some command that can create great outlines and design for your text.

Step 1: Open gegel graph by going to filter- generic – gegl graph

Style 1:

gegl:rotate degrees=0  sampler=lohalo

#gegl:color-overlay value=#c7c7c7

gegl:dropshadow x=0.00  y=0.00 radius=0.00 grow-shape=circle grow-radius=4 opacity=1 color=#000000

gegl:dropshadow x=0.00  y=0 radius=0.00 grow-shape=circle grow-radius=6 opacity=1 color=#ffffff

Style 2:

gegl:color-overlay value=#fbff00

gegl:dropshadow x=0.00 y=0.00 radius=0.00 grow-shape=circle grow-radius=4 opacity=1 color=#1d9fa9

gegl:dropshadow x=0.00 y=0 radius=0.00 grow-shape=circle grow-radius=4 opacity=1 color=#dcfcff

gegl:dropshadow y=5 x=4 radius=0.80 grow-radius=0

Step 2: Paste the command that I provided.

If you want to do multiple outlines then copy and paste this command mutiple increase and increase the grow radious number to increase the thickness of the outline.

Increase the tickness of outline