Add Detail to Your 3d Model With this Simple Trick (Blender)

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Many inexperienced 3D artists, as well as a few experienced ones, struggle with adding detail to 3D models. Another approach of adding detail is to paint your modal with an alpha brush, but this takes time and many of us don’t want to do it. 

So, in this part, we will show you how to add additional detail to your 3D modal without raising your polygon count or wasting a lot of time manually adding information. The method I’ll show you will not work in all 3D modals, but it will work fantastically in modals that require random details, such as ground, sand, and others.

Step 1:  Add Two nodes Noise Texture And Bump.

Step 2: Connect Noise Texture’s Factor to Hight Of Bump

Step 3: Then Connect Normal Of Bump to Normal Principal BSDF

Step 4: Increase Detail in noise texture to increase the detail.

Step 5: Increase or decrease the strength inside of bump to control the straight.