Free Photo Manipulation Course By Youtubers

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YouTube has so many tutorials about photo manipulation, but they do not always show up for you, and also you don’t know what to search for. Most of the videos I listed below are tutorials that I like and also work for me.

But I will continue to add more tutorials to this list, so check out this article when you feel like learning something new about Photo Manipulation.

Free Photo Manipulation Course By Youtubers

How to Paint Dope Highlights With a Mouse

Learning how to match light sources is very difficult, but when I found this video, it became very clear to me how I could achieve realistic highlights. Although this video was made for Photoshop, I can easily apply this tutorial to GIMP. 

Dodge and Burn Like a PRO

Dodging and burning are two of the most important things in photo manipulation that people ignore very much. Dodging and burning can make your composition much better, and it will also give your composition depth, meaning it will not look flat and plane. This tutorial is also applicable to Gimp.

How To Create Highlights Using Mouse in Photoshop

Making detailed rim light with mouse is one of the hardest to get right, but when i found this video, i though this was the perfect method to make  rim light/edge light Using Mouse in Photoshop as well as gimp.

Best Color Matching Technique

Color Matching might not be as complicated as light matching but this video will make your Color Matching job much easer, and also this video can be applied to gimp.

How to Use Blend if in GIMP To make realistic highlights

Blend if is a photoshop feature that lets you blende images and effects, but I made this tutorial for gimp showing how to use the same Blend if in GIMP To make realistic lighting.

How To Create Rim Light in GIMP

This is the video that I made for Gimp about how to create rim light in GIMP. It’s very easy, and rim light also gives your composition a better and more dramatic look.

How to Add Atmospheric Perspective and Depth to your Compositions!

I recently began watching this youtuber and learned a lot of new things about photo manipulation and many new techniques, and if you know how to use gimp, you can easily find this way to do this in gimp.

How to Paint Light in Photoshop, Gimp

This is a very unique way to paint light, but it works, especially for more realistic lights, and also this method can work on almost any image manipulation programme like photoshop, gimp and affinity photo.

How to Paint Light and Shadow in GIMP

This is a video tutorial I did about How to Paint Light and Shadow in GIMP. Almost every tutorial I’ve seen about matching light and shadow in gimp is fairly underwhelming and not very realistic, which is why I wanted to share my gimp technique with the internet.