Create Blender Procedural Rust In few Nodes

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Creating a procedural rust is a lot easier than you thought, and I will be explaining it in a very easy way with much shorter steps.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create procedural rust in Blender.

We need 3 new nodes to create this procedural rust. We need a noise texture, a colour ramp, and a bump node.

Blender Procedural Rust In few Nodes

Step 1:  Add noise texture and bump node.

Step 2: Connect Fac to Hight and normal to normal

Step 3: Add a color ramp node And put it between the noise texture and the bump.

Step 4: Increase detail in noise texture

Step 5: Move white point towards the black point.

Step 6: Connect color ramp to metallic socket in principle bsdf

Step 7: Reduce roughness inside the principle bsdf

Step 8: Add color ramp and connect it to the Base color Of the principle bsdf

Step 9: Connect first color ramp to the 2nd one.

Step 10: Move black slider towards white in color ramp (When ever you change the black color you will change the color of rust)

Extra: If you don’t want your rust to be engraved in your modal, then check the invert check mark in the bump node.

Extra 2: To make your rust less bumpy, reduce the strength of the bump node.

Extra 3: Increase roughness in the noise texture to make your rust more organic.