How to make wood texture in blender

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If you need a procedural wood texture, then this is the article for you, because in this article I will show you how to make a wood texture in blender.

To make this wood texture, you need 3 nodes to make this texture.

Step 1: You need a wave texture, a color ramp, and a bump.

Step 2: Connect the wave texture to the height of the bump and the normal to the normal.

Step 3: Increase distortion in the wave texture.

Step 4: Duplicate the wave texture and connect it to the vector of the other wave texture.

Step 5: Increase the detail on the second wave texture.

Step 6: Connect the first wave texture to the color ramp, and then connect the color ramp to the base color.

Step 7: Change the color of the color ramp between dark and light brown.

Step 8: Now you can decrease the straight of the bump to make the texture less bumpy.