Quickly Blend Images In GIMP (Non-Destructively)

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In this article we have listed a non destructive way to blend image In GIMP.

Method i used is very easy and also non-destructive.

First Create a Layer Group


Put your subject layer inside the layer group.

First sample the blacks of the background with color picker.

Then on a new layer fill the sampled colour. (Make sure that the new layer is inside layer group)


Set blending mode to Lighten Only

Create a another layer in the layer group and also fill that layer with the sampled colour.

Set layer mode to Darken only.

Then reduce the opacity of that layer until its matches with the background.


Create a another Layer In that layer group.

Fill that layer with pure black.

Set the blending mode to dodge.

Then sample the Light’s color 


Then Select the paint brush and set the the force low and opacity low.

Then paint the highlight on that layer. (Paint where light should hitting the subject)

Paint some ambient light to make highlight more realistic.

Create a layer

Set that to softlight


With Low opacity

Paint the light color where light will hit less.