10 Surreal Landscape art That Will Take Your Breath Away

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If you’re looking for some super surreal landscape art, this is the place to be. I’ve compiled a list of 10 Super surreal landscape Art that will make you blur the line between reality and fantasy.

10 Super surreal landscape Art

A Surreal Landscape At Sunset by Amanda Carden


This is a very surreal landscape, everything is very detailed, and the composition is very realistic. Not only is it realistic, but it also has a great concept and an incredible level of detail. 

Surreal landscape art by Sipo Liimatainen

When I first saw this, I wondered what it was, but I was gradually drawn to its elegance, concept is very unique, and overall scenario it gives us is something that can only be seen in your dreams.

A Surreal Landscape by Sonia Bhamra

At first, it may not appear real, but after a while, it will begin to appear more real. I am not sure what great has in this image, but it looks wonderful to the eyes, and check out the artist of this because this artist has many other surreal landscapes like this. 

Lost and found by Sipo Liimatainen


Another surreal landscape by this artist; I’m not sure what the meaning is in this, but it looks stunning, and the overall light in this is simply unbelievable.

God’s Hourglass by ErikShoemaker

God’s Hourglass, as the name implies, is as amazing and vast as possible and very godly, with a composition that is both unreal and magnificent.

I’m Never Going Back by Ascending-Storm

This surreal landscape can only be described as magical. Art, and style is simply extraordinary.

Somethings not right by kevron2001

Despite its name, this art is right in all respects and very realistic, owing to the fact that it is created through photo manipulation.

Muse by KarimFakhoury


This is a work of art, and the way the light is used in this composition is very dreamy.

Slipping Away by Softyrider62

This is one of the most unusual landscapes on this list, and despite its unusual concept, it is also very realistic in terms of light and shadow.

Where the wind leads by AmiraAshraf

Another dreamy art that is also very eye candy, and if you ever want to know what a sweet image looks like, this is the art to look at.