8 Best Gimp 3.0 Themes

Sujeet Kumar
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Gimp 3.0 is still in active development, with new features being added on a daily basis, but a dev version is currently available.

The most current Gimp development version is 2.99.12, which offers plenty of new features and UI tweaks. Gimp 3 lacks themes and plugins because it is still under development. This is why I wanted to make some themes for Gimp 3.0, however you can still use them in the development version.

Before I show you any of my themes, I want you to know that I am still very new at GTK theming and that I take inspiration from other applications as well as create my own custom themes, so there may be some inconsistencies, but I will fix them in the future, or you may change them if you know how.

How to download and apply these themes

First, download the GIMP 3 theme file.


Then Extract The file.

Then Find the GIMP Theme folder


Then Paste the extracted gimp theme file to the gimp theme folder


Photoshop Black v2

159771612 b2fa84e8 0f4b 4ebb b303 2c86a499089d - 8 Best Gimp 3.0 Themes

This is the second version of the Photoshop theme that I have created; I will continue to improve it, and if you have any ideas for it, feel free to tell me or create an issue on the GitHub page.

Affinity Photo Black

159771860 969cffb8 d09d 4f25 b8e6 6c165405f1b0 - 8 Best Gimp 3.0 Themes

Another theme inspired by another commercial image editor, so if you like affinity Photo’s design, then this is for you. I thought about adding gradients to the sliders.

Photoshop Black

158363827 38d77bde fe84 48fa a374 f4140b3fbd65 - 8 Best Gimp 3.0 Themes

Another Photoshop-inspired theme, this is a Photoshop theme with more dark blacks, so feel free to use if you like darker themes.

DaVinci Resolve Black

AVvXsEgPdwNVQiVU7tbCv0 WLY qoS70meNtTB6m6qXlSG2M53D5HndGYgi3MGrUuCGTPTdTFIAeJ10ZodIxFYn4VK9h5bnAp0a8yXj8q8HlRJi34zyORRh6aMzJV89AEYhQdhaCCeNdeMKOYwTca6QjAnBzBcyGdngmey07TvptdkV8mIGU RSZAxn32g MOw=s16000 - 8 Best Gimp 3.0 Themes

Resolve is not a photo editor tool, but it is a very famous piece of software, so also tell me what you like about it. The theme color is a little tinted, so it is not fully neutral.

Deep Blue

156065844 6006f3cc 9db0 42bf a9a5 28772c079773 - 8 Best Gimp 3.0 Themes

Another heavily tainted theme; many people might not like it now, but I hope it’s for someone.

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