8 Best Gimp 3.0 Themes

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Gimp 3.0 is still in active development, with new features being added on a daily basis, but a dev version is currently available.

The most current Gimp development version is 2.99.10, which offers plenty of new features and UI tweaks. Gimp 3 lacks themes and plugins because it is still under development. This is why I wanted to make some themes for Gimp 3.0, however you may still use them in the development version.

Before I show you any of my themes, I want you to know that I am still very new at GTK theming and that I take inspiration from other applications as well as create my own custom themes, so there may be some inconsistencies, but I will fix them in the future, or you may change them if you know how.

Deep Dark With Color Icon


Icons were not created by me; rather, I used them for personal purposes, so I cannot give credit to the original artist because I do not know any of them.I appreciate all of them for keeping these icons open for us.

 Download:- Theme.with.icon.rar

Photoshop Black v2

Affinity Photo Black

Photoshop Black


DaVinci Resolve Black

Deep Blue

Deep Black

Gray Green


How to download and apply these themes

Go to this link: Click Here
Then download (GIMP-3-Themes-main.rar)
Then extract The .rar file
Copy all the file In the GIMP-3-Themes-main file 
Then paste all these themes folder to thee gimp themes folder.