7 Free Kit bash Set for Blender, C4d, Maya

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If you’re looking for a free kit bash set for Blender, C4d, or Maya, this is the place for you! This collection of high-quality 3D models can be used to add some extra detail and realism to your scenes.

This free kit bash set contains a variety of models and assets that can be used to create interesting scenes and environments in Blender, C4D, and Maya. The set includes a wide range of objects such as buildings, sci-fi panel, complex look greeble, and more. With these elements, you can easily create an interesting and detailed scene.


Sci-fi greebles and turrets detail pack Free 3D model

sci fi greebles and turrets detail pack 3d model

FREE 20+_Sci-fi walls KitBash Pack Vol.7


Factory and Urban Props- Vol 02

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Neo City Kid bash set

Free Kitbash Set Blender

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Free Kitbash Set – 30 Pieces


Sci-Fi Devices- Kitbash Set/ Free

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