5 Best Building Generator For Blender (Free & Paid)

Are you seeking for a Blender building generator? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot! This post will look at some of the best building generators (both free and paid) available for Blender. We’ll also give you a rundown of each one so you can make informed choices about which one is best for you and your circumstances.

Building Generator In Blender

Buildify 1.0

Building Generator In Blender

Buildify 1.0 is one of the most versatile building generators on this list, and it is also free. Like other building generators, you are not limited to only one type of building; rather, you can make whatever type of building you want. There are a few more ways to make buildings, such as using curves or simply changing settings and using the normal modelling method.


Procedural buildings with Geometry Nodes

This was one of the first building generators for the blender using geometry node. Unlike others, this is not trying to be a realistic building generator, but rather a stylized building generator, so if you are looking into making a stylized building, then this is for you.


Post USSR builder

This building generates fairly realistic buildings and, as its name suggests, it’s a post-USSR building type. But you can also use this type of building in many scenarios. To me, this building can fit in most scenarios, so if you are seeking an apartment type building generator, then this is for you. I hope you enjoy this.


Procedural Building Generator 1.3

Procedural Building Generator 1.3 is a game-changing Blender add-on that effortlessly converts meshes into stunning buildings. With a range of included styles such as makeshift, wooden, European, Swedish, and Pueblo architecture, you can create captivating structures in minutes. Fine-tune your designs with customizable settings and easily integrate the generator with Blender’s asset library. Whether starting from scratch or using existing meshes, Procedural Building Generator 1.3 is your shortcut to architectural brilliance.


Blender Geometry Node Tools

Another of the most versatile generators in this list, means you are not limited to one type of building and you have freedom to make any type of building, whether it’s an old hut, a mediaeval house, an apartment or a big skyscraper.