Free Olive Animated Titles

image 34 Olive
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Olive is a new node-based video editor that is currently in an unstable state due to ongoing development. However, because of its numerous capabilities, many people still use it.

In this article, I’ve featured four free animated titles for Olive. These titles can be used for a variety of purposes, such as intros, outros, or even basic text animations.

And I will continue to add more titles and all titles will be free forever. If you have any new title recommendations for me, then let me know on twitter.


How to Install it.

I’ll provide you a title.txt file, and all you have to do is copy the text and paste it into an empty sequence in the timeline, then connect the node setup to output (Buffer).

image 38 Olive
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In the timeline, create an empty sequence.

image 39 Olive

Now paste the copied text into the node editor.

image 40 Olive

Simple Reveal Title

image 34 Olive
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This is a very common style of animated title that is used and available in most video editing software, such as premier pro, DaVinci resolve, and final cut pro, however because olive is still new, there aren’t many good looking titles for olive yet, which is why I made this.


image 35 Olive

The inspiration for this came from an internal title in DaVinci Resolve; it’s a somewhat more complex title than the previous one since, at first, text from both sides extends from the bar in the middle and then collapses into the bar in the middle when the title ends.

Neon Title

image 36 Olive
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This is a very special type of title, because this is a neon effect animated title that you can edit or change colour at anytime, and you can also reanimate it. If any of this becomes broken in the future, I will fix it as soon as possible.

Glass Title Effects

image 37 Olive

This is a very modern design inspired title, because I created a glass look with text in the middle and everything is editable, from the size of the glass box to the color, size and font of the text, and you can also edit the image in the background or replace it with a video. You can use this in any type of video and it will look good.

Download all the titles by clicking the button below.

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