7 Best Graphic Design Apps For Chromebook

Pratik Ranjan
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Most graphics design software is designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but Chromebook users have been left out. Don’t worry, we have some fantastic graphics design tools for you Chromebook users.

People who work in graphics design require a variety of applications for their workflow, thus I will list a variety of tools such as photo manipulation tools and vector design tools.

There are several methods to find graphic design tools or apps for the Chromebook. One method is to use online graphic design web apps/services such as Canva or Canva-like services.

Another option is to use Android apps, which include a plethora of graphical design applications, and the final option is to use Linux software.

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Graphic Design App For Chromebook

Online Tools


Graphic Design App For Chromebook

Canva is a free online graphic design tool for producing simple designs and covers. It features a large number of templates from which to choose, allowing you to get started quickly and effortlessly. If you require additional help, there is a helpful ‘Learn’ area on the website with tutorials and suggestions.

Adobe Spark

Graphic Design App For Chromebook

Adobe Spark may be the option for you if you’re seeking for something comparable to Canva. Spark allows you to create professional-looking designs for your company or personal brand. And, like Canva, there are a plethora of templates and tutorials to get you started.


Graphic Design App For Chromebook

Vectr is another excellent choice for Chromebook users looking to create vector images (images made up of lines and shapes). It’s simple to use and features a clear interface that makes designing quick and straightforward. It’s also completely free to use!


Graphic Design App For Chromebook

If you require more vector graphics resources than Vectr provides, go to Vecteezy. This tool has several capabilities that allow you to make designs.


Photopea - 7 Best Graphic Design Apps For Chromebook

For Chromebook users, PhotoPea is an excellent alternative to Photoshop. It’s an online image editor with all of Photoshop’s basic and advanced capabilities (like layers and masks). And, best of all, it’s completely free to use!


best photo editor cover - 7 Best Graphic Design Apps For Chromebook

Pixlr is yet another fantastic online image editor with a plethora of options.

Android Apps

Android apps can also be used in Chromebooks, which is ideal for folks who wish to produce graphics offline or simply have additional options in their graphics design arsenal.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

illustrator draw get started - 7 Best Graphic Design Apps For Chromebook

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a powerful vector drawing application that allows you to easily create complex illustrations. It’s ideal for both beginner and professional designers because to its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set. Furthermore, with the recent inclusion of pressure-sensitive stylus capability, you can now make even more detailed and realistic drawings on your Chromebook.

Infinite Design

unnamed - 7 Best Graphic Design Apps For Chromebook

Infinite Design is another good alternative for people seeking for a comprehensive graphics design app. It has a plethora of capabilities, including support for multiple layers, gradients, and brushes. It also has an astonishing collection of built-in shapes and symbols, making it simple to create complicated graphics with only a few touches. Infinite Design, like Adobe Illustrator Draw, now enables pressure-sensitive styluses for even more exact control over your creations.

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