4 Free Box Cutter Alternatives For Blender

Box Cutter is a premium modelling tool and specializes in advanced Boolean, but not everyone can afford this premium plugin, so in this article I will give you some alternative plugins. Each has its own advantages that make it worth considering for your next project.

4. Craver

If you need to cut and Boolean things right in the 3D viewport, Craver is an excellent choice. It’s simple to use; simply choose the primary object, then press Ctrl + Shift + X to cut various shapes in your object, including creating a custom cut with a line. The results are quick, so you can see what you’re getting right away.

Link: Pre-installed

3.Bool Tool

Another good option for Boolean operations is Bool Tool. Simply select the cutter and main object, then press Ctrl + to union and Ctrl-to difference. Because the results are so precise, you may be confident that your final model will be exactly what you desire.

Link: Pre-installed

2. ABT (advanced boolean tool)

If you need additional control over your Boolean operations, ABT is a good option. It, like a box cutter, can do Boolean difference, union, intersection, and many other operations with a single click. This makes it ideal for complex models that require precise control over every part of the cut or boolean operation. You may launch this plugin by pressing alt + X.

1. JMesh Tools

This addon may be the most comparable to the box cutter, and it’s free to get from github. It has the majority of the iconic features of box cutters, such as the cutter array, mirror the cutter, and expected Boolean operation.