7 Free Low poly grass For Blender / C4D

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We’ve all heard how crucial a decent environment is in video games and other 3D applications. Having good-looking grass is a huge part of that. But what if you don’t want to spend hours modeling each and every blade of grass? If so, you’re in luck! Here are seven free low-poly grass models that will save you time while still looking fantastic.

LOWPOLY GRASS 3D model by Andrey148


This LOWPOLY GRASS 3D model is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a wide range of grasses and flowers that may be used in realistic scenarios. This can be used in games, simulations, or any other 3D application that requires vegetation.

Low poly grass pack by Nicothin


This grass pack includes a few different varieties of grass, most of which are stylized, but you may experiment with it to see what scenarios it can be used in, and because it is low poly, you can use it in game engines as well as enormous, large-scale 3D landscapes.

grass (low-poly)by Metadsign

This grass is likewise low poly and appears to be extremely stylised, yet it has a number of uses. If you need some grass but don’t want to spend a lot of time modeling it, you can use this in games or other 3D applications.

Grass Segment by tsyrik_aleksey


For those that want something a little more natural looking but don’t want to sacrifice polygon count, this grass segment is ideal. It’s ideal for use in game engines and other environments where low poly grass still has to look attractive.

Ground Plants Free low-poly 3D model by Pure3D

The low polygon count of this ground plant makes it suitable for use in a variety of contexts while still having a very realistic appearance. Any 3D application that requires plants can use this, including games and simulations.

Grass Free low-poly 3D model by maluwaholy

This grass-free model is yet another choice for those seeking realistic-looking grass while remaining low-poly. This can be used in games, sims, or any other 3D program that requires plants.

GRASS Free low-poly 3D model by juthinduvijayabandara-1

This GRASS-FREE model is another excellent choice for people seeking realistic-looking grass while remaining low-poly. This can be used in games, scenarios, or any other 3D applications that requires greenery.