5 things to designing a realistic 3D environment

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It happens to everyone; you put so much time into a project but your render doesn’t look good, because there are a lot of things which you have to consider when making an environment, so today I’ll be letting you know five steps to improve your environment render.

I use blender but you can use your preferable 3d software.

Add volumetrics

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Made by: Aaron Contreras

Adding volumetrics can be really essential in environment since it give you scale of distance and size. When you’re making a large scale environment volumetrics is really important, but it can also slow the render time so, what you can do is not to add the volumetric on all over the back of the environment instead what you can do is to add volumetric at the front of the back of the environment, it’ll almost give you the same effect.\

volumetrics can also also give light rays if its in front of a light source which can help your scene look more realistic

Go on nature walk/ do image research

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If you’re making a realistic environment it’s really important to understand how the real nature work best way to do is to experience it yourself or do image research. You must have seen or heard many artist going on walk and drawing on the spot, Its because they can see how light reacts with different object how shadows form and many things.

As a 3d artist (or 2d artist) having real life reference can help you a lot. so when you’re making realistic environment try to experience it yourself or do a pretty solid image result. By doing that you can understand how volumetric, lighting, shadows, and everything works.

Add main focus object

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Made by: Aaron Contreras

I’ve seen many render where people make environment without having a main focus object and that’s fine but it can be lot better with having main focus object. When you don’t have a main focus object it’s like looking into nothingness. What you can do is add main focus object it doesn’t need to be very fancy, It needs to follow the same vibe as the environment it shouldn’t be too different that the environment.

It’s better when you have something specific to look at because when there is not a main focus object our focus get all over the place.

Add some kind of animation

Well it’s always better to have some kind on animation in your scene when its just zooming in animation or super complex animation. Having animation can give your scene a life, and when you’re making nature scene try adding some wind or falling leaves, falling leaves can be pretty easy to add and they won’t take much time. So it’s better to add some in your scene.

Or you can just add some camera focus animation it can also give really cool animation. Adding animation is surely really important since it gives you a whole lot of things to admire to.

Keep it random

When you take a look around your environment you’ll see that everything is random. This is what makes is look so realistic. So to achieve natural look you will have to keep everything random, just add some random scale and random rotation.

This will help you achieve realistic look.