How to make any animation seamless in blender

If you don’t know the exact steps to take, making anything seamless or infinitely looping in Blender might be challenging. Therefore, I’ll share some crucial advice with you today so that you can create your desired animation that loops fluidly.

If you’re looking to create animations that are smooth and seamless, look no further than Blender. This powerful software is perfect for creating high-quality animations.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make any animation in Blender seem effortless. By following our simple steps, you’ll be able to create beautiful animations that will impress your friends and family.

Let’s first understand how is something seamless

When a transition is smooth and undetectable from one section to the next, something is said to be seamless.

For rotation loop animation.

If you’re making a rotation looping in blender here is crucial tips.

When you’re making rotating animation, you must have seen an effect where an object starts slowly and then starts rotating fast and then gets slow at the end. It can give a very noticeable effect of clip changing or looping and we don’t want that.

So to fix that, go to the “graph editor” tab (shift F6) and then select all keyframes by pressing “A” and then press “right click” and go to “interpolation mode” and change it to “linear” from “Bezier”.

OR you can add ‘Cycle F-modifier’. To add the ‘Cycle F-modifier’ press ‘Shift+E’, then you will’make cyclic (f-modifier)’.

Now when you press play, you can see that the animation is much smoother.

Here is some other things which you should keep in mind while making looping rotating animation.

Your animation must always be in degrees of 360, 720, 1080 …, and take the form of 360 * x [‘x’ is the desired number].

When you rotate something 360 degrees, it is basically rotating in a circle and always coming at the same point it started at first. So why 360? It’s also going to rotate in a circle and always come to the same point. Making a seamless loop is the most crucial thing to do when you’re making rotating animation.

And now here is something which you should keep in mind while making any seamless or looping animation.

The animation object should come at the same point it started or at least it should look like it did. It can give an give and effect of never ending or looping animation.

Well, how can you do that?

If it is a moving animation, what you can do is duplicate the first frame and put it as the last frame, so it always looks like it is looping.

And when you do that occasionally, you can discover that the last keyframe is significantly off from what it should be. Well, it could be because the time difference between other keyframes and the last keyframe is different. To fix this, determine the number of keyframes that differ from one another and match them to the last keyframe.

If you want to make a looping animation for a certain object but not for the whole animation,

So for this you can make two keyframe (or more, more keyframe = more steps) and then duplicate (shift +D) the first keyframe and put it after the 2nd keyframe, but you have make sure the difference between 1st and 2nd keyframe is same is 2nd and 3rd keyframe.

And now you can copy this same steps and make the loop as many time you want.