10 Free High-Quality 3D Car Models (CC)

It can be tough to find free car models for your projects because most people have them for a really high price, which is a reasonable cause because modelling a car is very hard.

So today I’ll be providing you with some free high-quality cars. I will try to provide every type of car available on the internet.

1.Datsun 240k GT by Karol Miklas

This fabulous model of Datson 240K GT is on sketchfab which was created by Karol Miklas. It was created in 2012 using blender and then it was renewed in 2017. It is under CC attribution which means you can use it wherever you like.

You have to keep in mind that this car is a high-poly model with over 1.5 million polygons which is definitely worth it if you’re making a close shot.

But If you’re here for little low poly cars we have got you that too.

2. Generic passenger car pack by Comrade1280

This is another great model on sketchfab created by Comrade 1280. It contains 6 different types of cars. It is a fairly low poly car including only 70k polygons which is fairly low for a car. This one also falls under CC attribution.

3. Bugatti Chiron 2017 Sports Car by kimzauto

It is one fabulous model on free 3d made by Kimzauto in blender. It includes .blend and obj. this one is also a CC model. This model is really great if you need a low poly car but with really great quality.

you have to keep in mind that it is not rigged so you might have some problems making animations.

4. Cyberpunk Hovercar by Karol Miklas

This super cool model is once again created by Karol Miklas. This hovercar does not contain too many polygons, less than 50K. It was once again created in blender and was textured in substance painter.

This hovercar also contains some cool animation which can be found in its blend file. And It is a CC model.

This model is great if you’re going for a sci-fi scene since it is based on a sci-fi theme.

5. Old Rusty Car 2020 by renafox

This rusty car is available on sketchfab which is made by Renafox. It is a low poly model including only 60K polygons. It includes several old rusty cars which you will get in this pack. It has 4k textures and many formats which you can use to download this model.

But you will have to contact the owner (renafox) if you want to use it commercially

Renafox has many free models on its account which you can check out on his profile on sketchfab.

6. 3D Old car Sci-FI Animation model by DuDeHTM

This really cool car model was created by DudeHtm and is available on TurboSquid. There are really fewer anime types of cars which you can find for free. It is free for a limited time. And it is fairly low poly.

It is also a rigged car which is really great for animation. And you also get an anime-type environment with it. Be sure to open the file with blender version 2.89LTS +

DudeHtm has many free stuff which you should check out.

7. Low Poly Car Set by BetelgeuseMan

This low poly car is available on sketchfab and made by betelgueseman. It has many great cars. It has its own art style which is beautiful. You can only use this pack and make a whole city its whole scene without having to download any other car assets.

You can change the primary colour of the car and make a whole new car.

And it is CC model so you can use it wherever you want.

8. Cabriolet from the concept by Warkarma

This fabulous model is available on sketchfab and made by Warkarma. It is really a great model which you can use in your sci-fi scene or just in general scenes. It is a CC model so use it freely.

It is fairly low poly for the amount of detail which is put into it. It also has many file formats. And this will be fairly easy to animate since almost every part is separated.

9. Formula One LP-830 SDC by SDC PERFORMANCE

This formula one car is made by SDC performance. There is very few racing car which is available for free but it is available for free on sketchfab. It was made in blender and Texturing was done in photoshop. You can find many alternative file sources including sources.

It is very low poly so you don’t need to worry too much about performance. SDC PERFORMANCE has many free models which you can download for free on sketchfab.

10. Willy Jeep by AnilG

This cool jeep is available on sketchfab which you can grab for free. It has 13 split subobjects to make the animation easy. This model includes PBR texture which you’ll be getting with the file.

It is too high poly so it does not cause any performance issues. And it also has many file formats which you can choose to download the model.