4 Easy Way Get Anime Look in Blender

In this tutorial, we will show you how to get an anime look in Blender. We will be using the Cycles or Eevee render engine and two different methods to achieve this. The first setup will give us a basic anime look, while the second one will add some more advanced details. Let’s get started!

Shader In Eevee

This method is very simple, all you have to do is make a material setup like this as apply this as your main material apply to every object that you want anime look to.

There are many drawbacks to this method, and one of them is that it is hard to get reflection, and some times the shadows look very ugly.

This method works by converting shader to rgb then controlling rbg values with colormap and other rgb nodes, like rgb curve and mix rgb node.

Cycle Material

So Eevee methods are amazing for anime effects, but you can also use Cycles, which can give you very realistic-looking renders, but tweaking some materials will also give you some amazing anime effects.

Mainly use “cycle” if you want a better reflective effect, and tweak the setting that gives you the most reflection, like roughness, specularity, or metallic.

But the real anime look will come from post-processing, so always adjust with your favorite software before considering it finished.

Or you can use this toon kit tool from the Blender Market; it has many options that can let you create anime.

Use Goo Blender

Goo Blender is a custom build of Blender specifically designed for anime stuff, and it has some special nodes that help you create anime shaders, just like your favorite anime, and because this is a node system, you can create much more amazing stuff.

There are two ways to get this version of Blender: first, join Dillongoo Studios on Patreon and get this engine with them, and second, build it from source on GitHub.

And honestly, the ability to create a captivating anime for only $5 is a great deal.

External Shader

Blender has an enormous user base, and with lots of users comes lots of creativity, and there are many people who make shaders for many purposes, so there are many people who create anime shaders for Blender. Here are the best free and paid ones that I know of.

NPR Render Engine


And this is just the beauty of open source; with the power of so many people, you get so many amazing things, and this is just pure beauty. For now, blender has one third-party NPR Render Engine, and malt will give you very precise control of NPR renders, including anime, so whether you want to change shadow color or highlight color, make very high-fidelity anime. It can do it all.