5 Best Free Human Rigs for 3D

If you’ve worked with 3D for a while, you’ve probably encountered situations when a human rig is needed or even while you’re learning character animation. So now I’m going to give you some fantastic, free human rigs that you can use at no cost.

Free Human Rigs for 3D

1. Snow

The blender studio created this human rig. I’ll cover some of the free characters available from Blender Studio later. IK and FK both are included in this highly advance rid. Every component also has rig control. In my opinion, it’s one of the most advance rigs, and it’s free. A nd you can use it without any problems in whatever project you like. Additionally, you may receive everything in the .blend file without needing to add any extra add-ons.

2. Rain

Another free human female rig from the Blender studio. It is a fairly advanced setup that includes IK and FK. Additionally, it has the same CC-BY license as previously, allowing you to use it for whatever purpose you like. When you follow the instructions on the official website, you may append/link the rig file to your project once you download it.

3. Conan by Truong.

This character rig by Truong is excellent. It is a highly developed skeleton rig on a stylised warrior figure. Maya 3d was used in its creation. It included Fbx, obj, and it also included maya project file.  It also include some animation by Alejandro Bustillo . Unfortunately, you cannot use it for income; however, you may use it for learning animation, individual projects, and demo reels. Since there aren’t many polygons in it, you may use it in whatever scenario you choose without causing it to lag too much.

4. StarCraft Medic by dartiste.

It is another another excellent model provided for free by dartiste. It is a Maya-created, semi-realistic medical persona.  It includes model format of fbx, ma, mb, and it also included maya project file. Additionally, it contains some animation, such as walking animation. It features 37 Textures, 27 Physically Correct Shaders (PBR), and a face rig. It supports Maya 2019, as well as Maya 2017. It doesn’t have too many polygons, as usual, so you may use it for any project you choose.

5. Eric 001 by renderpeople.

By renderpeople, it is a photorealistic 3D human rig. You can acquire a lot of fantastic human rigs from Renderpeople for no charge. It might not look very well in close-up images, but you may use it for far-up views or in large crowds. You can practically import it into whatever software you want because it includes model formats for obj, fbx, unreal engine, unity, maya, and cinema 4d. Additionally, it has an 8k texture, an advanced rig, and a face rig. Furthermore, it has a very low polygon count of around 10–15,000 so, you can use it in any project without worrying about any issues.