AI Background Remover Plugin for GIMP

This is a Gimp plugin that allows you to remove the background of images with just one click, and it does it through layer masks, so it removes the background non-destructively.

This plugin is based on the rembg tool, which is an open-source AI tool for removing background.

Also, this plugin works on your PC, so you don’t need internet access to use it.

How to Install:

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To get this plugin working, first you have to install the rembg tool.

To install this, you have to run this command in the terminal if you are on Linux or in PowerShell if you are on Windows. (Make sure you open the terminal or PowerShell as administrator)

There are two commands for installing this: one is for the CPU only, and another is for the GPU, so decide which one you want to install.

CPU support:

pip install rembg

GPU support:

pip install rembg[gpu]

After installing this, you now install the Gimp plugin in Gimp.

Now extract the plugin and open it in a text editor. Then replace the user with your own PC’s username, and if you are on Linux, replace this whole path with your own path where rembg is installed.

fd450eeabedc00320ddec5deab86dbde AI Background Remover Plugin for GIMP

Then put the plugin file ( in this folder.

8ef5abf667d19006a16ab622220e60b4 AI Background Remover Plugin for GIMP

After installing and setting up the plugin, you will see a new menu called “Python-Fu.” Here you will see the plugin, and you can use it by clicking on it.

5fb69bfba7bbd00138a14642c88c20c5 AI Background Remover Plugin for GIMP

Just make sure to enable the “mask” option so it can remove the background with a layer mask.

df6a63ef5a48569f0f6a611b8b18cfa1 AI Background Remover Plugin for GIMP

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