Best Eye Generator For Blender [Free/Paid]

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As the windows to the soul, a character’s eyes are one of the most crucial elements in 3D modeling. In Blender, making realistic eyes can be difficult, especially for beginners. Fortunately, there are a number of eye-generating add-ons and texture generators that can simplify the procedure significantly. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best blender generators for making eyes that can give your characters gorgeous, realistic eyes.

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1. Blender Procedural NPR Eye Generator

file - Best Eye Generator For Blender [Free/Paid]

This free add-on is perfect for those people who are looking to make anime-style characters. This NPR add-on is fully procedural, which means you get a lot of control over the eye. On the ArtStation page of the add-on, it is mentioned that this pack was made in blender 2.93, but it works perfectly fine with blender 3.4.

This pack includes 3 objects: A base eye, shine1, and shine2. All are controlled with simple and intuitive procedurally generated techniques!

price: free

2. Stylized Anime Eye Generator for Blender

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Ben Ayers created Stylized Anime Eyes, a procedural eye texture generator available as a node group for Blender, for artists and animators who want to quickly and easily create anime-style eyes with a lot of customization. The node group was designed with extensive customization in mind, enabling you to easily create countless eye variants that match the astounding variety seen in anime eyes.

Stylized Anime Eyes can be used in Cycles but is best used with EEVEE. The node group provides a simple user interface with more than 40 parameters for modifying and making distinctive eye designs. If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to create anime-style eyes in Blender, this is a great option.

price: 2.00$

3. Ultimate Procedural Eye Generator Substance Designer

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The Ultimate Procedural Eye Generator Substance Designer by Erik Vetter is a potent tool that enables you to make incredibly lifelike eyes for your 3D models. This generator comes with more than 30 parameters to customize and create the eye you want. It is compatible with Substance Designer, Painter, and Player as well as Marmoset Toolbag and Unreal Engine 4.

A Substance graph (.sbs), sbsar material, Marmoset scene, eye model, presets, and all other necessary additions are included in the package to get you going. You can still use it in Blender even though it was primarily created for Substance Designer by exporting the textures.

price: 12.99$

4. Procedural Eye Generator

image 2023 02 18 213741942 - Best Eye Generator For Blender [Free/Paid]

The Procedural Eye Generator, developed by Xavi Anguita, is an infinitely customizable eye texture generator that produces highly realistic eye textures. This tool is extremely user-friendly and customizable, allowing you to randomize and export textures with the click of a button.

Substance Player, Substance Designer, and Substance Painter are all compatible with this add-on. PEG Generic and PEG Unreal SBSAR files, PEG Presets, a Substance Painter scene, logos, a video tutorial, and a reference eye mesh are all included in the package. The user is strongly advised to make their own eye mesh for use in their project. For just $9.99, this tool is an excellent buy for anyone looking to add incredibly lifelike eyes to their projects.

price: 9.99$

5. Humanoid Eye Generator 2020

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This Humanoid Eye Generator is made to work with a substance painter, but you can always export the textures to use it in different 3d software like blender and others. In this pack, many parameters can be changed as the number of veins, color, size, iris fibers, and more. It includes some damage and disease options: stroke, cataract, and blindness.

You can visit the Gumroad page for more information.

price: 6$

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