Top 8 Midjourney like Stable diffusion Checkpoints

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Researchers in artificial intelligence have long wished to create images from text instructions. This ambition is finally becoming a reality, thanks to recent developments in AI technology. Stable diffusion is an open-source AI model that can generate images from text instructions, although it has been criticized for failing to produce images of the same quality as Midjourney, a similar but non-open-source AI text-to-image model.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the greatest stable diffusion variations that provide Midjourney-like outcomes. Whether you’re an artist, a designer, or just someone who likes generating images, these models are sure to inspire you with their extraordinary abilities.


Illuminati Diffusion v1.1

image 8 Midjourney like Stable diffusion

Illuminati Diffusion v1.1 is a stable diffusion model that is similar to Midjourney in its ability to create high-quality images from text inputs. Based on stable diffusion 2.1, this model requires the use of three textural inversion embeddings to get results similar to those produced by Midjourney. The suggested safe range for generating decent results with Illuminati Diffusion v1.1 is between 768-1024 / 1152 for various seeds and prompts, and in some cases, 1280×768 or 768×1280 may also work.

Having used this model extensively, I’ve discovered that it often provides results that are more visually appealing than those generated by Midjourney. While Midjourney produces better results at times, it is fair to say that Illuminati Diffusion v1.1 is a true equal to Midjourney, not only in its ability to generate portrait images, but also in its ability to generate logo graphic designs and other image types that are typically associated with Midjourney. Overall, Illuminati Diffusion v1.1 is a robust and adaptable stable diffusion model capable of creating high-quality pictures from text inputs.

Vintedois (22h)

montage 1 resized Midjourney like Stable diffusion

Vintedois (22h) is an open-source AI model designed for text-to-image generation that has garnered attention for its impressive results. The model has been trained on a large amount of high-quality images, which allows it to generate beautiful images with simple prompts without requiring a lot of prompt engineering.

One of the unique features of Vintedois (22h) is that users can enforce their preferred style by prepending their prompt with “estilovintedois.” This feature ensures that users can generate images that meet their specific style preferences. Moreover, Vintedois (22h) works well with different aspect ratios, such as 2:3 and 3:2, making it a versatile option for different use cases.

One of the strengths of Vintedois (22h) is its ability to generate high-fidelity faces with minimal steps. The model is also artistically designed, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning images. Based on Stable Diffusion 1.5, Vintedois (22h) is also very dreamboothable, making it a popular choice for creators who want to generate high-quality images with ease.


image 8 Midjourney like Stable diffusion

Openjourney, like the Midjourney model, is a powerful and reliable Stable Diffusion model that generates high-quality images from text prompts. This model was trained using Midjourney v4 results, therefore it has learnt to make photos that roughly resemble the quality and style of Midjourney.

It is as simple to use Openjourney as it is to use any other Stable Diffusion model. You may use it through the Automatic 1111 web interface, or you can go the Prompt Hero website to get prompts that are particularly engineered to deliver the best results with Openjourney.

One of the significant benefits of Openjourney is that it is an open-source model, which means that anybody may use, modify, and fine-tune it to their own needs. As a result, it is an extremely flexible and customizable tool that can be modified to a wide range of applications.

Openjourney is also quite versatile, capable of producing images ranging from realistic landscapes and portraits to abstract art and surreal compositions. Its capacity to generate high-quality, aesthetically stunning images from basic text prompts to be an effective tool for many types of artists, designers, and content creators.

Seek Art Mega MidjrnyV4 DreamLike

image 9 Midjourney like Stable diffusion

Seek Art Mega MidjrnyV4 DreamLike is one of the most outstanding stable diffusion models on the market today. This model is a mixture of three separate stable diffusion models, and it can generate stunning and lifelike images from text instructions. Seek Art Mega V1, Midjrny V4, and Dreamlike Diffusion 1.0 are the three models that have been combined to form Seek Art Mega MidjrnyV4 DreamLike.

One of the most major advantages of Seek Art Mega MidjrnyV4 DreamLike is that it generates high-quality images similar to those generated by Midjourney. Seek Art Mega MidjrnyV4 DreamLike, on the other hand, is not just a copycat; it has its own distinct abilities that differentiates it apart from other versions.

This model specializes at producing vivid and vibrant images that are ideal for character and portrait illustrations. You may tweak the model to generate photos that are suited to your specific requirements. Because the model is open source, you may modify it and create your own version.

Protogen v2.2

image 10 Midjourney like Stable diffusion

Protogen v2.2 is a stable diffusion model that has many people amazed with its image generation capabilities. Although it was not created intentionally to resemble Midjourney, the images it generates have some of the most breathtaking compositions of any AI-generated image. In fact, it has battled with Midjourney in some situations, delivering equally outstanding results. It has even surpassed the image quality of Midjourney v4, displaying the power and versatility of Protogen v2.2.

One of Protogen v2.2’s distinctive qualities is its usage of the SD 1.5 base model, which has been trained and fine-tuned to produce visuals that are both stunning and creative. Protogen v2.2 has been praised by users for its capacity to understand the core of the prompts and transform them into graphics that are both accurate to the text and aesthetically pleasing.

Dreamlike Photoreal 2.0

image 11 Midjourney like Stable diffusion

Dreamlike Photoreal 2.0 is one of the most aesthetically appealing and photorealistic Stable diffusion model variants. While it is not as artistic as Midjourney, the degree of detail in its visuals is absolutely astonishing. This model is noteworthy for its versatility, since it can create images in a variety of styles, including comic style, anime style, photo-realistic, portrait, landscape, and artistic images.

One thing to keep in mind about Dreamlike Photoreal 2.0 is that it may generate NSFW images by default, thus negative prompts are needed to prevent this. Yet, the outcomes of this model are impressive, and it has the ability to produce as many artistic photos as Midjourney V4.


image 12 Midjourney like Stable diffusion

AyoniMix is a Stable diffusion model variant that has gained popularity among AI enthusiasts and artists for its ability to produce aesthetically complex and intricate visuals. This variation has been fine-tuned to produce photos with high resolution and fine details, making it an ideal tool for artists and designers wishing to create one-of-a-kind and aesthetically appealing imagery. Although its styled output has not been widely tested, AyoniMix has been tested on several datasets and has shown its capacity to produce realistic output.

One of AyoniMix’s most notable aspects is its ability to produce a broad range of pictures, from landscapes and portraits to abstract art and surrealist imagery. This is due to the complexity of its architecture, which is meant to process multiple layers of information, such as written instructions, semantic information, and visual cues. As a result, the model may produce images that are both colorful and coherent.

Digital Diffusion – 2.1!

image 7 Midjourney like Stable diffusion

Digital Diffusion – 2.1 is one of the most powerful stable diffusion models for generating midjourney-like images from text instructions. This model is unique in that it is based on the stable diffusion 2.1 version, which has significant enhancements over the previous version. As a result, the model produces visuals that are fairly similar to those produced by midjourney.

One of the most distinguishing features of Digital Diffusion – 2.1 is that it is not a checkpoint model. It is a textual inversion, which means you won’t have to download enormous quantities of data to get the model. In fact, this may be downloaded for less than 100mb, making it a wonderful choice for folks who want to use stable diffusion but don’t have a lot of room to spare; nevertheless, you must first install stable diffusion 2.1.