6 Best Blender Building Packs

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In this article, we’ll take a look at various Blender add-ons and tools that can help you create buildings and architecture quickly and easily. Whether you’re an architect, game designer, or just someone who loves to create 3D scenes, these add-ons can save you a lot of time and effort. We’ve included both free and paid options, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget and needs. Let’s get started!

Blender Building Packs

1. Buildify 1.0

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Buildify 1.0 is a free geometry nodes library designed to simplify the process of creating buildings in Blender. The premade node groups in the library enable users to generate a wide range of architectural styles, making it a perfect tool for creative projects like architectural visualisation. The library is simple to use, and to create buildings automatically, just combine all the modules into collections, extrude, and copy and paste faces. It is important to note that the library already contains all the modules needed for this process.

The current version of Buildify is 1.0 and is supported in almost all new versions of Blender. Buildify 1.0 is completely free to be used, even in commercial projects (though you are not allowed to sell the graph itself or its derivatives). With its detailed and professional-looking building models, the possibilities are endless. So whether you’re an aspiring architect, a 3D artist, or a game developer, you can use Buildify 1.0 to create stunning visualizations or entire cities.

Price: Free

2. Procedural Building Generator 1.3

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Procedural Building Generator 1.3 is a powerful tool for creating buildings from meshes. For only $7, you can easily transform any low-poly mesh into a finished building ready for rendering. The generator is fully made by Geometry nodes, which makes it even more powerful. With 5 asset packs already included and more styles planned, you can choose from a variety of styles. The tool offers a range of settings to fine-tune the specific style you want, including randomizing walls, toggling support beams in corners, and selecting paint colour for different elements.

This comes with easy setup and is already set up for use with Blender’s asset library. You can drag and drop building styles and templates into a new. Blend file to start creating buildings right away. The tool is powerful and efficient, fully utilizing Geometry nodes to create high-quality buildings quickly. The documentation is brief, but the tool is intuitive to use. At only $7, this tool is an affordable solution for creating high-quality buildings from meshes.

Price : 7$

3. Blender Building Pack 03

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Blender Building Pack, created by UH Studio Academy Products, is a growing collection of highly detailed medium poly buildings with a good amount of facade detail. The interiors are made up of a cube with image mappings to keep the buildings lightweight, and the buildings are suitable for use with both Eevee and Cycles rendering engines, and for both day and night shots.

These buildings are great for scattering large scenes with many instances, and also have enough detail for close-up shots. With typical floor-to-floor heights and buildings found in large cities, they are designed to be modular and are made using geometry nodes. Additionally, the materials are selected based on the object’s location, providing an ample amount of variation. For those using other software, OBJ files and textures are also provided, making the pack highly compatible. At a price of $12, this is an excellent value for those looking to quickly populate their architectural visualizations with highly detailed buildings.

Price: 12$

4. Blender Geometry Nodes Anime Building

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Blender Geometry Nodes Anime Building is a free building add-on that is great for people who want to create anime-style scenes in Blender. This add-on is made by GGenebrush and has a very detailed look with an anime aesthetic.

The add-on is made using geometry nodes and has many parameters that can be used to generate new buildings. This means that the possibilities are limitless, allowing users to create unique and interesting buildings for their scenes. Additionally, there is another version of this pack available for $15 that is even better and more suitable for use with Eevee.

One of the best things about Blender Geometry Nodes Anime Building is that it is free, making it accessible to everyone who wants to use it. While it may not be as advanced as some of the paid add-ons, it is still a great choice for those who are just starting out with Blender or who want to experiment with different styles and looks. Overall, if you’re looking to add some anime-style buildings to your Blender scenes, this add-on is definitely worth checking out.

Price: Free

5. Procedural Utopian Buildings Pack

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The Procedural Utopian Buildings Pack is a comprehensive collection of geometry nodes that allow you to easily create a variety of buildings with customizations. The pack includes three different building types: Stack Building, High-Rise Building, and DNA Building. With the pack, you can adjust various parameters like height, randomize seed, scale, rotation, and translation to create unique buildings.

Additionally, the pack includes trees that are integrated with the buildings. You can easily control each parameter of the building and trees from the geometry nodes modifier. The buildings and trees are ready to be dragged and dropped from the asset library, which is integrated into Blender. However, note that the trees intersect with the buildings, which is a known issue.

The Procedural Utopian Buildings Pack is created by CG Obaid and priced at $19. It is highly detailed and worth considering if you want to create a variety of buildings with customizations. It is not an add-on but is a comprehensive collection of geometry nodes that are integrated into Blender.

Price: 19$

6. Free Sci-fi Buildings Pack

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This pack is designed for faster sci-fi city design, providing everything you need to create many variations of sci-fi cities. With OBJ and FBX files, the pack includes 12 non-modular buildings and 3 modular buildings with 15 different roofs, allowing for better variability. The modular buildings consist of one floor for the array modifier and edges are split for better use of the smooth shader. There are no UV maps included and the polycount is suitable for larger scenes rather than close-ups.

The Sci-Fi Cities Pack is a free resource created by Zeronid, providing a modular solution for building sci-fi cities quickly and easily. Although it includes only 12 models, the various combinations make it possible to create many unique designs. While it does not include textures, the edges are split for a better use of the smooth shader. It is ideal for creating larger scenes, rather than close-ups, and is available in OBJ and FBX formats. Its a really good deal for free pack.

Price: Free

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