Create Character Turnaround in Stable Diffusion

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When it comes to character design, one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks is creating a turnaround. A character turnaround is a set of drawings that show a character from all angles, typically front, back, and sides. It’s an essential part of the design process, as it helps to ensure that the character looks consistent from all angles.

However, it’s not always easy to get the proportions and details right in every drawing. That’s where Character Turnaround for stable diffusion comes in.

Create Character Turnaround in Stable Diffusion

CharTurner – Character Turnaround helper

image 23 - Create Character Turnaround in Stable Diffusion

CharTurner is an embedding that can help artists create consistent character turnarounds quickly and easily. It works by keeping the outfit consistent and using controlNet openPose to keep the turns under control. ControlNet is a powerful tool that works great with CharTurner, making it easier to create accurate and consistent turnarounds.

There are three versions of CharTurner available, and artists can choose the one that works best for them. If you’re unsure of which version you’re using, it’s likely version 1.5, as it’s more popular. However, version 2.1 is newer and gaining ground fast, so it’s worth checking out.

While CharTurner is still in development and may be a bit fiddly to use at times, it’s a promising tool that can save artists a lot of time and frustration. The creator is also working on additional character embeddings, including a head turn around and an expression sheet, which will make character design even easier.

CharTurnerBeta – Lora

image 20 - Create Character Turnaround in Stable Diffusion

CharTurnerBeta is a beta version of the embedding and should be used with caution, as it has the potential to take over your style and character. We recommend using it at a weight of .2-.4 and mixing it with CharTurnerV2 for the best results.

While it is acknowledged that CharTurnerBeta has its fair share of problems, it’s being released early because it’s mentioned in a few prompts in CharTurnerV2. If you decide to use it, please be aware that it’s a beta version and should be used at your own risk. it will make your character turnaround process a little bit easier!

2D Sprite style

image 19 - Create Character Turnaround in Stable Diffusion

If you’re looking to create 2D sprite style characters and assets, this is for you. The Character Turnaround in stable diffusion tool can generate not only turnaround characters, but also weapons, armor, places, and other assets, making it a versatile option for game development or concept art work.

To use this tool, we recommend working with a 768×768 controlnet, and utilizing the LORA and inpaint features for strange faces. You can also combine it with other LORAs for even more customization options.

Whether you’re creating a retro-style game or simply prefer the look of 2D sprites, this tool can help you streamline the character design process and generate consistent assets across your project. So give it a try and see what you can create with 2D sprite style!

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