5 Best Anime Upscaler Models for Automatic 1111

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In recent times, the popularity of using AI models to transform text instructions into images has soared. As a result, countless individuals have utilized these models to create stunning anime images. However, by default, these images may lack sharpness and high resolution, leaving much to be desired.

This is where anime image upscaler models step in, offering a solution to enhance the visual quality of anime artwork. In this article, we will explore the top five free and open-source anime upscaler models available, empowering artists and enthusiasts to elevate their anime images to new heights.

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4x-UltraSharp is an exceptional anime upscaler model that has gained significant acclaim for its ability to generate an abundance of intricate details while preserving the overall texture of the images. It showcases impressive performance across a wide range of images, regardless of whether they are compressed or not. Although it exhibits remarkable capabilities across various formats, it particularly excels in enhancing JPEG-compressed images, as its training primarily focused on this specific type of compression.

This model also boasts the remarkable ability to restore highly compressed images, breathing new life into them by reconstructing lost details and revitalizing their visual quality. If you seek a more balanced output, I highly recommend exploring the UltraMix Collection. Comprising a series of interpolated models that draw inspiration from the excellence of UltraSharp and other related models, the UltraMix Collection provides a captivating fusion of aesthetics and technological advancements.

While 4x-UltraSharp excels in generating smooth and clear lines, it truly shines when it comes to simulating intricate details in upscaled images. By utilizing advanced algorithms, this Universal Upscaler model expertly synthesizes fake details, resulting in visually stunning outputs that appear remarkably realistic.


Escale is a remarkable anime upscaler model based on the ESRGAN algorithm. Developed as the third iteration of a specialized eroge upscaling model, Escale is specifically designed to enhance the visual quality of anime and visual novel art. With its advanced capabilities, Escale excels in producing images with clear lines, sharp details, and a consistent overall appearance.

One of the standout features of Escale is its ability to emphasize sharp lines, making it an ideal choice for anime styles that heavily rely on distinct and well-defined outlines.


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4x-AnimeSharp is a cutting-edge anime upscaler model that combines the best features of 4x-UltraSharp and 4x-TextSharp-v0.5. Renowned for its exceptional performance in enhancing anime content, this model also showcases impressive text upscaling capabilities. Originally known as 4x-TextSharpV1, it was rebranded on February 10, 2022, as 4x-AnimeSharp to emphasize its specialization in anime enhancement. Whether you’re seeking to improve the visual quality of your favorite anime series or enhance text within the content, 4x-AnimeSharp delivers remarkable results. With its advanced algorithms and specialized training, this model comes highly recommended for enthusiasts of anime and text alike.


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Real-ESRGAN is a foundational and highly regarded anime upscaler model that serves as the basis for numerous other upscaling models on this list. While it may not be considered the absolute pinnacle of anime image upscaling, it is widely recognized as one of the best options available. Real-ESRGAN employs advanced techniques and deep learning algorithms to enhance the resolution and quality of anime images, resulting in improved sharpness, clarity, and detail.

While Real-ESRGAN excels at enhancing anime images, it should be noted that its performance may vary depending on the complexity of the source material and the quality of the input image. However, its track record and widespread usage in the anime upscaling community make it a reliable choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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Waifu2x is a powerful Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) model specifically developed for enhancing the resolution of anime-style artwork. This innovative AI model utilizes advanced algorithms to intelligently upscale low-resolution images, resulting in remarkably improved visual quality while preserving the unique characteristics of anime aesthetics.

Waifu2x has gained widespread recognition within the anime community for its ability to enhance the details and sharpness of anime images, making them appear crisper and more vibrant.

However, it is worth noting that while Waifu2x is highly regarded, there may be alternative models in this list that offer even better performance in specific scenarios or have unique features that cater to different preferences and requirements.

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