Top 6 Best Stable Diffusion Models For Realism

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Even though Stable Diffusion model is very powerful, it also has some flaws, such as a lack of realism, which is addressed by its highly capable open-source community. There are many realism models available for you to choose from in order to achieve realistic results, but today I’ll show you the best models for achieving hyperrealistic results.

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1. Dreamshaper V5

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When it comes to realism with a little bit of styling, Dreamshaper v5 is among the best. Dreamshaper was developed by Lykon, and feel free to check out some of his amazing models. When it comes to anime style, Dreamshaper V4 was superior to Dreamshaper V5, but Dreamshaper V5 is far superior to Dreamshaper V4 in terms of realism. But if you use some turn-around techniques, it can also produce some fantastic anime-style results. Additionally, the character faces are excellent. It’s a fantastic model if you want something creative but not overly realistic, but you can also get some fantastically realistic pictures.

In general, you can use it if you want creative results that are quite realistic. But as I already said, if you want hyper-realistic results without many creative results, it might not be your first choice.

2. Chilloutmix

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Chilloutmix is also one of the greatest models available, it has been used in many LoRAs because of its realism and creative results. It has been used to create many LoRA like Korean doll likeness, taiwan doll likeness, and many more, and it has been used to create many anime style LoRA. You can also get some anime-style images by using some anime style LoRAs. Even though it’s a great model it also comes with some restrictions which is quite rare to see in the open-source community, but the restrictions are not so hardcore, so most people can use it without noticing any issues.

And it is also able to generate some complex character poses which can be very helpful and interesting. Overall it’s a great model which you can use for hyper realistic results but not so great when it comes to creativity and different art styles.

3. Lucky Strike 

image 2023 05 07 200919029 - Top 6 Best Stable Diffusion Models For Realism

Lucky Strike is a stunning and lightweight model, despite only requiring 2GB of storage space, and can produce extremely realistic and creative images. Furthermore, it can generate extremely realistic hair, which many models find difficult to do, which is quite amazing because it gives your portrait images much more realism. However, I have noticed that some images are very noisy, and removing is harder than it is with other models and it requires high resolution and numerous prompts. It is also able to pull off some amazing poses and camera angles and is able to give you realistic enough backgrounds.

In LuckyStrikemix0.1, the hands were fairly poor, but in LuckyStrike0.2, the hands have significantly improved, or you can just use some LoRAs to get better hands. Also, there is an anime version of Lucky Strike that you can play with; it is excellent with 3d anime art styles, which most people don’t like, but it is not as good as other anime models when it comes to 2d anime art styles.

4. L.O.F.I

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When it comes to realistic models, “Limitless Originality Free from Interference” (L.O.F.I.) has long been one of the most unappreciated models. When it comes to realistic models, backgrounds usually have some sort of artifact or other strange things, but when it comes to L.O.F.I., it is quite accurate with models but occasionally produces some poor backgrounds. It can not only create realistic images but is also very good with backgrounds, which is quite uncommon. Additionally, the color scheme and dressings are very accurate. However, it struggles with skin and hair reflection, though it still produces incredibly lifelike results.

And unlike the majority of non-animal models, it also features very good animals. And LOFI 2.1, which was just released and contains a tonne of brand-new, cutting-edge features, addressed the problems from before. You can find a lot more details about this model in Civitia, which will enable you to create better images.

5. XXMix_9realistic

00020 1198094695 - Top 6 Best Stable Diffusion Models For Realism

XXMix_9realistic is one of the best if not the best models for generating beautiful and realistic girls. It was developed by Zyx_xx, he has uploaded many similar models and LoRA which you should check out. The best thing about this model is that it’s able to generate very realistic skin reflection which many models have a hard time doing. And the details of clothes and hair generated by this model are very applauding and great, it is really hard to notice that it was generated by an AI image generator.

The background environment is pretty amazing too but you can see some issues here and there but most of you should be using it to generate portrait images. And just like most Ai image generator, it is also quite bad with generating males since it was mostly trained on female images.

Overall it’s one of the greatest image generator out there if you want realistic girl portraits.

6. Realistic Vision V2.0

image 2023 05 07 201133837 - Top 6 Best Stable Diffusion Models For Realism

When it comes to environmental realism, Realistic Vision is the best model on the list. While most of the models on this list can generate adequate environments, you can still tell that they were artificially generated in some cases, this is not the case with Realistic Vision. Not only can it create photorealistic environments, but it can also create photorealistic animals that almost appear to have been captured by a camera. This is truly amazing because we hardly ever see a model accomplish something like this. However, I must admit that this model falls short of other models when it comes to generating people, but it can still produce images that are convincing enough to be used in a variety of settings. Additionally, it works well with images in black and white and with hair.

Overall, it’s a great model that you can use to create images of animals or the environment, but it also works reasonably well for creating portraits of people. If you’re using these models to create human images, I advise you to concentrate more on the background and environment rather than the subject.


What is the best model to achieve the most realistic/photorealistic image?

The best models for achieving hyperrealistic results in AI image generation are:
1. Dreamshaper V5 – good for creative results that are quite realistic
2. Chilloutmix – is great for realism but not so great for creativity and different art styles
3. Lucky Strike – lightweight model with good hair and poses, but can produce noisy images
4. L.O.F.I – accurate with models and backgrounds, struggles with skin and hair reflection
5. XXMix_9realistic – best for generating realistic girl portraits
6. Realistic Vision V2.0 – best for environmental realism.

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