Free Alpha Brushes For Blender, C4D, ZBrush

Alpha brushes are an excellent technique to quickly add complex details to your 3d modal. Instead of listing a brush pack, I'm going to provide websites and packs that are free. 22 Free Sci-Fi height/alphas The first brush packs on our site are …

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7 Must Have Free Resources for 3d Artists

We can't always build things when we need them, so we buy them. However, if you're a 3d artist, you won't need to pay anything because we've compiled a list of the Best Free Resources for 3d Artists in this post.  If you find yoursel…

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Make Ocean Texture in 2 Nodes in Blender (Ocean/River)

Step 1) Start by opening the blender. Step 2)   Delete all the objects (A to select all and delete to delete all the objects) Step 3) Add a plane and scale Step 4)  Go to the shading layout then add new material. Step 5) Add two new nodes 1st Musg…

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