Optimize Gimp for Best Workflow

Gimp is a widely used open source image editor that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. However, Gimp's UI can be confusing and cumbersome to use and has an unorganized look to it, especially when dealing with complex tasks. There …

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Shadows in GIMP: A Beginner's Guide

To many, making shadows may seem easy, but in reality it's very hard to get things to look right, and that's because most of us lack the basic understanding of shadows. Before we start making shadows, we must first understand the purpose of …

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8 Best Gimp 3.0 Themes

Gimp 3.0 is still in active development, with new features being added on a daily basis, but a dev version is currently available. The most current Gimp development version is 2.99.10, which offers plenty of new features and UI tweaks. Gimp 3 lacks …

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How to Move Selection in GIMP: The Easiest Way

Moving selection in gimp is not complicated but its also not so easy for people especially when they are new to gimp, I can say there are many ways to move a selection in gimp, but making a detailed blog can be little difficult for people who just w…

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Quickly Blend Images In GIMP (Non-Destructively)

In this article we have listed a non destructive way to blend image In GIMP. Method i used is very easy and also non-destructive. First Create a Layer Group Put your subject layer inside the layer group. First sample the blacks of the background wit…

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Tips For Photo Manipulation In GIMP

1.  Start with simple composition  This is a great tip for people who are new to photo manipulation because starting with complex photo manipulation will make it very hard to get it right, and it can even be demotivating when your creation doesn'…

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How to replicate an adjustment layer in Gimp

As we all know, Gimp doesn't have an adjustment layer, but that doesn't mean you can't archive those effects non-destructively in Gimp and you can even replicate 40–50% of Photoshop's adjustment layer. You can replicate adjustment la…

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