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Optimize Gimp for Best Workflow

Gimp is a widely used open source image editor that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. However, Gimp's UI can be confusing and cumbersome to use and has an unorganized look to it, especially when dealing with complex tasks. There …

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How to Move Selection in GIMP: The Easiest Way

Moving selection in gimp is not complicated but its also not so easy for people especially when they are new to gimp, I can say there are many ways to move a selection in gimp, but making a detailed blog can be little difficult for people who just w…

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Create Blender Procedural Rust In few Nodes

Creating a procedural rust is a lot easier than you thought, and I will be explaining it in a very easy way with much shorter steps. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create procedural rust in Blender. We need 3 new nodes to create this proce…

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How to Make a Realistic Metal Texture in Blender

Achieving realistic metal can be a little bit tricky, but I will try to simplify the process of making a realistic metal texture in Blender. Step 1: Create a new texture. Step 2: Increased Metallic Slider Now you can see the material turning metal…

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Easy Way to Create Gimp Curved Text

This will be a very short article, and we will not waste your time. We will get straight to the point. This tutorial is about creating curved text in the Gimp, and it's actually very easy. Step 1: To begin, use the text tool to create a text. S…

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How To Create Rim Light in GIMP

The tutorial I made previously is relevant to this one but this will focus more on easier ways to get a better result. In this quick article, I will show you a very easy way to create rim light in GIMP, rim light makes the composition look much bett…

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Benny Productions Photoshop Techniques in GIMP

If you like photo manipulation or photo composition, then you probably saw Benny Production's video about photo manipulation in Photoshop. Benny Production uses some of the most simple techniques to create amazing and complex artwork, but we all…

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What is blend1 file and How to Open it?

What is blend1 file A BLEND1 file is a backup file created automatically by Blender. It saves a copy of the previously saved version of the currently opened BLEND file and is used to recover a BLEND file's prior version. How do they work? Gene…

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How to Move 3d Cursor in Blender

There are many ways to move 3d Cursor in Blender, and I am gonna show all the ways to move 3d Cursor in Blender. There are UI ways and shortcut ways, what you need depends on your situation. First, we will show you the UI way to move 3d Cursor and t…

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