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Affinity photo vs Lightroom

Affinity Photo and Lightroom are two widely used photo editing software. So, which one is superior? To help you decide, here's a comparison of the two software. Both Affinity Photo and Lightroom include a variety of photo editing capabilities an…

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Pixelmator Pro vs. Affinity Photo.

This article is very short and simple because of the nature of the topic and because I wanted user to get better information as quickly as possible. When it comes to photo editing software, there are a few popular options on the market. Pixelmator P…

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Quickly Blend Images In GIMP (Non-Destructively)

In this article we have listed a non destructive way to blend image In GIMP. Method i used is very easy and also non-destructive. First Create a Layer Group Put your subject layer inside the layer group. First sample the blacks of the background wit…

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4 Free (Open Source) Node Based Image Editor

Photoshop, Affinity Photo, and Gimp have historically dominated the layer-based image editing system. Although the layer-based image editor is powerful and flexible, the node-based system completely destroys the layer-based system in terms of utilis…

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7 Best Layer Based Image Editor In Mobile

I have a lot of photo manipulation tutorials, but they are all for computers. To your surprise, you can perform all of these things in mobile, but only if you have proper editing apps; general editing apps do not have the capability to execute image…

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Super Accurate Color Match Technique in GIMP

First and foremost, create a check layer to better match the colour and lightness of the image. Download File Match the levels of the image with the help of black and white check layers. Check Layer Create a new layer Fill it with black. Set the…

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