Photo Manipulation

Shadows in GIMP: A Beginner's Guide

To many, making shadows may seem easy, but in reality it's very hard to get things to look right, and that's because most of us lack the basic understanding of shadows. Before we start making shadows, we must first understand the purpose of …

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Tips For Photo Manipulation In GIMP

1.  Start with simple composition  This is a great tip for people who are new to photo manipulation because starting with complex photo manipulation will make it very hard to get it right, and it can even be demotivating when your creation doesn'…

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4 Steps To Blend Photo in GIMP

When I was new to the gimp, gimp seems to me as unusable software, that's not because the software was faulty, it's because there are not good enough tutorials on the internet that can give me satisfying results. Gimp is a complex software…

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Best GIMP Brushes for Photo Manipulation

Gimp has been the best free alternative to photoshop, and it matches almost 90% of the features. and like you, all know photoshop has a great brush system, especially if you do photo manipulations, and surprisingly you can do the same in gimp, gimp …

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