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7 Animation Software For Chromebook

Animation software is used to create or animate images, characters, and objects. There are many different types of animation software available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are 7 animation software for chromebook that you can us…

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5 Fastest Video Editor For Linux

In the world of Linux, there is no lack of video editors, but it does lack fast video editors, which means most editors in Linux are not as fast as their Windows and Mac counterparts, but that doesn't mean Linux has no fast video editors. Scrubb…

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7 Best Layer Based Image Editor In Mobile

I have a lot of photo manipulation tutorials, but they are all for computers. To your surprise, you can perform all of these things in mobile, but only if you have proper editing apps; general editing apps do not have the capability to execute image…

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10 Best Fonts For Thumbnails

Making a thumbnail is not easy, and choosing a font is an important part of making a thumbnail. It is difficult to find a font that is best for thumbnail, making an attractive thumbnail requires a readable font that viewers can easily understand, an…

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Free Mountain Displacement Map For Blender, C4D

A displacement map is a simple way to generate a modal for a variety of things such as terrain, mountains, canyons, and many other things; however, in this list, we will only include Mountain Displacement Maps that you can use in Blender, C4D, or an…

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7 Must Have Free Resources for 3d Artists

We can't always build things when we need them, so we buy them. However, if you're a 3d artist, you won't need to pay anything because we've compiled a list of the Best Free Resources for 3d Artists in this post.  If you find yoursel…

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