Super Accurate Color Match Technique in GIMP

First and foremost, create a check layer to better match the colour and lightness of the image. Download File Match the levels of the image with the help of black and white check layers. Check Layer Create a new layer Fill it with black. Set the…

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How To Create Rim Light in GIMP

The tutorial I made previously is relevant to this one but this will focus more on easier ways to get a better result. In this quick article, I will show you a very easy way to create rim light in GIMP, rim light makes the composition look much bett…

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Benny Productions Photoshop Techniques in GIMP

If you like photo manipulation or photo composition, then you probably saw Benny Production's video about photo manipulation in Photoshop. Benny Production uses some of the most simple techniques to create amazing and complex artwork, but we all…

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