7 Best AI Plugins for GIMP

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Wow, 7 whole AI plugins for GIMP? That’s amazing! It feels like just yesterday GIMP wasn’t even close to having this kind of power.

These plugins aren’t just some gimmick, either. They can seriously up your editing game. We’re talking about stuff like fixing blurry photos with a click, or even creating wild, dreamlike images using artificial intelligence. It’s pretty crazy!


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This is a plugin that does what its name says. It removes the background or separate subject. This one only works in Gimp 3 or Gimp 2.99.x, but there are some others like this for 2.10.x. I will list those if I find one.

Setup and installation is quite difficult for this one, and the guide for installation is also only available for Linux, so if anyone knows how to install it on Windows, then let me know.

I also listed the Remove.bg version, which uses an AI website as its back end, so you will need its api key to run, which you can get by creating an account on remove.bg, but there are some limitations to this version of the plugin, such as it may reduce your image’s resolution, which you can get passed by resizing it to your og image and using a separate low res image as mask.


GIMP3 ML - 7 Best AI Plugins for GIMP

This is a collection of plugins based on machine learning. The functionality of these plugins varies a lot, from deblurring, inpainting, coloring, super resolution, and many more. This version is also for gimp 3 or 2.10.x. I am listing these plugins for gimp 3.0 because it will be the future of gimp, so why not already be prepared for that?

DeblurringGIMP 3 or 2.10.x
InpaintingGIMP 3 or 2.10.x
ColoringGIMP 3 or 2.10.x
Super ResolutionGIMP 3 or 2.10.x
Many MoreGIMP 3 or 2.10.x


InpaintingGIMP 2.10.x
Text to Image GenerationGIMP 2.10.x
Google Colab BackendGIMP 2.10.x
Stable Horde BackendGIMP 2.10.x (planned for future versions)
Local ExecutionGIMP 2.10.x (recently added)

As you all know, ai image generators are on the rise, and all kinds of software are integrating this workflow, and thanks to open source magic, gimp will not be left behind. User blueturtleai developed a stable diffusion plugin for gimp, which currently only works in gimp 2.10.x, but there is a plan for gimp 3.0, so gimp will also have this ai workflow in the future.

Regarding its features, it supports inpainting, text to image generation, and also uses Google Collab as its backend, but also supports a crowd-funded stable diffusion system called stable horde. This will be useful for people who don’t want a lot of setup time with Google Collab. Also, recently, BlueTurtleAI added a local option, so you might also use it locally on your PC.


This is another stable diffusion plugin for GIMP, but amazing thing about this one is that it is very easy to use and uses automatic 1111 as its backend.

This means that it will work on your own pc, so no need to worry about time constraints, and also if your pc is not strong enough for this, then you can install it automatic 1111 in google Collab.

Installing it is very easy, just download the stable-gimpfusion.py file then copy and paste it in the plugins folder of gimp, then you can run the plugin by going to Ai menu.

FunctionalityGenerates images using Stable Diffusion
Local ProcessingYes
Cloud Processing (Google Colab)Yes (requires Automatic1111 installation)
InstallationManual (copy plugin file)
GIMP Menu AccessAI menu

GIMP Rembg

How to install and use: AI Background Remover Plugin For GIMP

Listen, if you spend ages wrestling with background removal, this plugin is a game-changer. It knocks out backgrounds in seconds, flat-out. And if you’ve got a graphics card (GPU), buckle up – it gets even faster. Plus, the accuracy? It’s on par with Photoshop’s fancy AI background remover. Seriously, this thing is a lifesaver.

OpenVINO™ AI Plugins

image 9 - 7 Best AI Plugins for GIMP

Whoa, GIMP just got a serious AI upgrade! This new plugin pack brings a whole bunch of cool features powered by something called OpenVino. Basically, it lets your computer use its smarts to edit photos in crazy-powerful ways.

We’re talking stuff like:

  • Making blurry pics crystal clear: The Super-Resolution plugin can take a grainy photo and sharpen it up without losing any of the details.
  • Artsy filters on steroids: The Style Transfer plugin lets you take the style of one image and apply it to another. Imagine turning your portrait into a Van Gogh masterpiece!
  • Fixing up those unwanted bits: The Inpainting plugin can magically fill in missing spots in your photos. Like that pesky power line ruining your beach shot? Gone!
  • See things in a whole new light: The Semantic Segmentation plugin can identify different objects in your image, which can be super useful for editing specific areas.
  • Dreamy edits at your fingertips: The Stable Diffusion plugin lets you use text prompts to create trippy, artistic effects on your photos.

All this cool stuff is thanks to OpenVino, which basically makes AI run super smooth on your computer. These plugins are still under development

Stable Boy

This GIMP plugin integrates Stable Diffusion, just like the other one we mentioned. But here’s the game-changer: Stable Boy uses an awesome web interface from AUTOMATIC1111 to run everything. That means you can leverage the power of Stable Diffusion on your own PC. No internet connection needed, no reliance on cloud services or big companies.

And guess what? Stable Boy packs all the good stuff. Inpainting, image-to-image, text-to-image, upscaling – it’s all there.

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