How to Fix Bad Face in AI Anime Images

Ai image generation technology is still new, and regarding generating anime images, this is what many of these ai are mostly used for, but it is common to get almost good images but with either a face or some other elements getting messed up, and that forces us to regenerate, and we lose a perfectly fine composition.

In this article, I will be showing you some of the best inpainting techniques for fixing anime images. This article is appropriate for both beginners and experienced artists.

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First, open your automatic 1111 web UI.

After opening the web interface, generate some character images.

Screenshot 2023 04 15 230041

Now, for the first time, you might have gotten an image of a not-so-good-looking face.

Screenshot 2023 04 27 234356 1

Now you can see the button called “Send to Inpainting.”

Screenshot 2023 04 27 234428

In the inpainting layout, you can mask the place where you want to fix it (e.g., face or hand).

Screenshot 2023 04 27 234458

After painting, check the use mask option and also reduce the denoise to 0.5 or closer to this number.

Now when you click on “generate,” you will find your image is fixed where you masked it.

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